Get Paid $3,000 a Month For Your Own Cannabis Grow Operation

Just twenty years ago the idea of a cannabis grow operation for the people, by the people was a novel concept, with medical marijuana and recreational marijuana struggling to find a balance between shifting attitudes towards cannabis (most notably with the passage of Prop 215 in 1996) and decades-old stigmas firmly propagated by federal policy.

If San Francisco based company CitizenGrown has its way, however, this could all change with the advent of their home-based grow operation.  This operation would revolutionize the way cannabis is grown (and distributed) by creating a network of residential cannabis farmers, providing them with grow systems and handling the sale of the flower.

CitizenGrown will assist home growers in obtaining a grow license from their local government. The first units are already operational in Oregon and California with operations being planned for additional states in the future.

CitizenGrown would supply each home with a 5×5 hydroponic automated grow system or “node” at no cost to the homeowner. The company would then manage and monitor the tech-enabled grow systems. Once the weed is ready for harvest, CitizenGrown will sell it to local dispensaries and split the revenue with the home grower. Citizen Grown estimates growers can earn between $1,000 to $3,000 per month off their home-based grow operation.

CitizenGrown deploys these automated growing “Nodes” to underserved communities, effectively creating a decentralized cultivation network in which all Citizens share in profits from the sale of the cannabis to dispensaries.

CitizenGrown is unique among other cannabis companies in that it practices the equity that it preaches. Its grow operation is a radically innovative business model to fix the economic inequality that is widespread across the cannabis industry. What better way to provide equity to those impacted by the War on Drugs than providing them the equipment and resources to compete at the same level as industry insiders?

To apply to for a CitizenGrown operation you must first apply for a California Growers License. If you are a licensed cultivator or Equity participant you may be eligible to use their automated grow technology or “node” for free. From this node you can cultivate top-shelf cannabis and earn at minimum $1,000 a month.

Ready to start?

Here’s what you’ll need first:

Once certified submit an application to CitizenGrown through this link here.

Petey Wheatstraw

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