Flow Kana: The Proof is the Package

Flow Kana is a San Francisco-based Cannabis delivery service that is positing itself as an alternative to the brick and mortar based dispensaries found throughout the Bay Area. And while there are certainly other discreet Cannabis delivery services out here (think Foggy Daze Delivery, Eaze and others), Flow Kana prides itself on providing only the best locally sourced marijuana. It’s kind of like the Rainbow grocery store or Trader Joes of weed.

Flow Kana cultivates its product on a micro-scale, 100% solar powered family farm in Mendicino county. I recently stumbled across them when trying to buy weed with my credit card (yes you can finally get weed on credit) and decided to give them a go.

When you order from their website you will soon notice that the ease in which you can “check-in and check-out” (after you have been verified of course) is glaringly apparent.  You simply scroll, choose and click, and within minutes you receive a verification stating that your order is on its way:

Flow Kana
Your order is on its way!

My delivery man was a jovial dude who looked liked he could be good at affiliate marketing, or perhaps drove for Uber on the side. I jumped into his car, we chatted for a bit and he swiped my card.

When it came time to tip, which I’m totally fine with, I noticed they had set prices to choose from, ranging from 5 to 10, 15 dollars respectively. Having already dropped over $90 on my order, I initially balked at tipping that amount.

“No, no you can set a custom tip price” the delivery driver pointed out.

“Yeah I think I’m going to have to do that bruh” I said, typing in my 3 dollar tip (For some reason I felt as cheap as a skid row trick that day and didn’t give more, my bad, I’m a piece of shit).

Back inside my house I immediately ran to my bathroom (don’t judge I have kids) so I could take a closer look at what I received from the folks at Flow Kana. And yes that is the rug on my bathroom floor you see pictured below:


Now that you’ve got an idea of what you will typically receive let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the service:

PROs:  The packaging. This review is a few weeks old but I still use the jelly jar, plastic wax container and glass doob tube you see above you. And I still have the bag, because apparently, the tag attached to it has seeds that you can put into the ground and grow. Yes, you too can grow your own damn beanstalk.


PROs: Their personal touch. For some reason, I like it when dispensary workers or delivery drivers remember my name, even if it’s not always the right one. When you receive your goods from Flow Kana they write you a personal note thanking you for your order, as well as a postcard with an image of Flow Kana’s two farmers donning a beatific smile plastered on the front.

CONs: Too little. I’m sure everything was weighed out perfectly but I simply got 4 mediocre sized (albeit excellently trimmed) buds, which seemed to last me a lot less than other comparable purchases. The wax itself seemed to be a full gram, but again, for 90$ I thought the amount as a whole was lacking. I certainly have been able to get better deals elsewhere, meaning far more was received for the same price. If Flow Kana is adding “extra” to an order due to the accessory overhead, then they might want to reconsider their packaging, as I know many a stoner not that preoccupied with what their weed comes in. Hell, with me you could wrap it up in a condom, just as long as I can still smoke it.  

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Petey Wheatstraw

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