Everything You Need To Know When Traveling With Cannabis

Like booze, you can find cannabis easily in states where it is legalized. The tricky part is crossing state lines while you carry marijuana. In this new age of legalization, there are only certain people who consider cannabis an effective medicinal substance whereas the rest of the population frowns upon it as an illegal drug. If you are someone who uses cannabis medicinally or recreationally, traveling can only be joyful when you leave behind all the reasons to feel anxious and nervous. So here are a few points to keep in mind while you travel with marijuana:


Know The Rules Before You Carry Cannabis With You

Honestly, there are slightly confusing laws regarding traveling with cannabis, given that legalization in a few states has made the situation complicated. But each state has laid out rules for possession, quantity, the purpose of usage etc. You need to be aware of them to avoid a tiff with security officials. Research and try to understand the terms that fall relevant to your situation like the route of your travel etc, and make an informed decision based on the same. In fact, the repercussions of possession also differ from state to state, hence you need to know state laws well before you decide to travel with cannabis. While some places might simply ask you to throw your stash away before you board, others might imprison you.

Transportation Security Personnel Has To Check

TSA have screening procedures that mainly aim to avoid possible threats to aviation. When you speak with TSA agents you will understand that these checks seldom involve hunting for illegal drugs. They probably would not check every bottle you own to know if cannabis is an active ingredient or accuse you of possessing a CBD cream or CBD oils. So, if they find any substance that they feel violates the code of the state then they involve law enforcement to make a decision on the same. Legalized states have laws that will favor whereas others will not. But TSA checks will still happen in the same manner no matter where you are flying from. 

Thoughts Of The Drug Enforcement Agency

If any illegal drug possession is reported then the local authorities are responsible for handling the situation. If the laws of the state permit you to carry and you are staying well within the limits then there isn’t anything to worry about. Although these agents mostly target drug dealers through searches and arrests rather than casual users, the exact action taken depends completely on the personal. The bottom line is it is not safe to travel with marijuana into states where marijuana is illegal.

What About Medical Marijuana?

The first point you need to keep in mind is in states where cannabis is illegal the purpose of use has no value. So whether you carried cannabis for leisure or as a medicine, if the laws of the state consider it illegal then charges will depend on the state. But there are certain places which are tolerant to the use of cannabis as a medical substance. In that case, you will have to keep the following points in mind.

Know the limits: Just because you justify the use to be medicinal does not give you the liberty to carry pounds of supply at a time. There is a restriction on allowed limits that you can carry on board. So refer to them and stay within these limits to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Don’t forget your documentation: If you plan to carry medical marijuana then proper medical documentation should be available with you to support the same. Try to be present at the checking counters slightly early to go through the process without having to panic about missing your flight. This is also applicable if you use homegrown cannabis for medical purposes.

Try to keep it problem free and in your carry-on: You cannot justify carrying a vape pen that is brimming with stench enough to get people high. Make sure you clean your pen and seal the packets in such a way that it is odorless. Also, instead of adding it to your luggage place it in your carry on and this way you can avoid any hassles of your luggage getting retained.

A lot of changes you might expect following the legalization may not reflect in every law of the states. So make sure small details don’t mess up your entire trip. You can always consume before you leave or even carry it through edibles like fruity cannabis gummies, candies or drinks like CBD living water. Instead of carrying the cannabis, pack all your accessories such as rolling paper, etc and get your stuff through local sources. This way you will also get the chance to experience the local strains.