Dry Herb Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide

Smoking weed, much like everything else, has evolved to become more accessible and pleasurable. This includes new dry herb vaporizers that allow users to vaporize weed in a much more comfortable way. Choosing an ideal weed vaporizer, however, can be a daunting task as there are several considerations that need to be made before purchasing one. Our dry herb vaporizer guide will make that choice a lot easier by providing you with all the relevant information regarding dry herb vaporizers. Once you’ve read everything and feel better educated, we recommend visiting an online store such as vaporizerchief.com that has a massive selection of herbal vapes to choose from!  

How Does Vaporizing Work?


 Vaporizers are available in various forms, each one designed to vaporize a specific ingredient. You have oil vaporizers, wax pens, and dry herb vaporizers.  People who smoke are gradually shifting to vaping as vaping is comparatively a lot less harmful. 

This is because vaporizers deliver your chosen ingredient without all the added chemicals and impurities like burning paper. Traditionally the way to ingest dry herb cannabis or weed has been through joints and blunts. These can be very risky for your respiratory system, especially blunts, as blunt wraps often contain tobacco leaves or other harmful additives. Vaporization, on the other hand, eliminates harmful carcinogens allowing you to inhale the dry herbs in the purest form.  

Benefits of Vaporizing: 

  • Healthier than smoking 
  • More appealing flavor (depends on the user) 
  • Less prominent smell, hence more discreet 
  • Better effect (i.e you can get higher)
  • Fewer throat burns from inhaling

What Types of Vaporizers are Available?


Vaporizers are available in two broad forms, each of which has its own set of pros and cons. It is up to you, the consumer, to decide which type of vaporizer suits you best. 

Portable Vaporizers 

Rasja Vaporizer

This is the more popular type of vaporizer. Most people prefer portable vaporizers as they are a lot more accessible and easy to use, as well as discreet and easy to conceal. At the same time, they allow for more controlled vaping sessions as they have smaller chambers, which results in shorter vaping sessions. All of these make portable vaporizers a popular choice. One of the best new dry herb vaporizers to consider is the new DaVinci IQ 2 vaporizer, just released this year! 

Another popular and new dry herb vaporizer is the Rasja Vaporizer, a perfectly crafted, discrete device designed for the vaporizing of cannabis. Unlike traditional toking, it ensures the user never smells of smoke, can adjust the temperature of the device to suit them and obtain an all-around healthier smoking experience. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel materials, each Rasja Vaporizer has a silicone case for cooling and a duel-use chamber, allowing for both ground flower and concentrates to be used.

What I personally enjoy about this brand is that its founder hails from Jamaica and created the Rasja Vaporizer as a way for people to enjoy herb without all the harmful toxins smoking produces. Part of the proceeds from the sale of Rasja vapes goes to an educational fund for the Rastafarian community in Jamaica. This project is close to the hearts of RASJA’s founders, as for many decades it has been Rastafarians leading the way in furthering knowledge about the benefits of cannabis in Jamaica.

Desktop Vaporizers 

Desktop vaporizers are larger and need to be placed on a desktop to be used. They are stationary vaporizers, which means you can’t carry them around while using them. They usually also have to be plugged in and are more expensive than portable vaporizers. At the same time, however, they do have certain benefits associated with them. Desktop vaporizers provide a lot more inhalation options for users. They also have bigger chamber sizes, which means you can have longer vaping sessions. This makes them a more suitable choice for vaping at gatherings and parties. With desktop vaporizers, you can inhale in two main ways; a whip or a hose and a balloon or a bag.  According to many dry herb vaporizer buyers guide one affordable yet good quality desktop vaporizer is the Arizer Extreme Q. 

How do Vaporizer Heating Systems Work?

Just like there are two different types of vaporizers, there are also different types of heating systems employed by vaporizers. These systems determine the vaping experience of an individual largely, so it is essential to understand how they work. 

Conduction Heating 

Conduction heating is what you will find most budget vaporizers using. They work by having the material come in direct contact with the heat, much like cooking food on a stove. Conduction vaporizers are smoother at the start of the vape session, but that smoothness gradually declines by the end of it. At the same time, often, conduction devices do not heat the material in a uniform manner, and the vapor produced can burn your throat at a high temperature. They do, however, provide more vapor than other heating methods, for instance, convection. Conduction vaporizers are also usually more portable than convection vaporizers. 

Convection Heating 

Convection-based heating works much like an oven as it creates vapor by heating herbs through hot air. This hot air is produced by whatever heating element is in place combined with an internal fan in most cases. If you want better flavor and consistent smoothness in your vaping session, then convection vaporizers are suitable for you. They also usually have better airflow and heat materials more evenly than conduction vaporizers. At the same time, they are common in premium units, which means you would have to pay more than you would have for a conduction vaporizer. Another downside to convection vaporizers is their size as they are more significant than conduction vaporizers.  

Hybrid Heating System 

A hybrid heating system is precisely what it sounds like. It combines both conduction and convection to provide the best vaping experience possible. This can work in many ways; for instance, some manufacturers use conduction to maintain the temperature of the chamber while the main avenue to heat the dry herb is still convection. 


Another heating system that is still being developed and tested is induction heating. This method uses magnetic fields to heat internal coils to a controlled temperature. The benefits of this heating method include a great flavor, even heating, and smoother vapes at higher temperatures. Since it is still up and coming, however, it would be challenging to find vaporizers utilizing this heating system. 

Temperature Control 

This is one of the essential features of a vaporizer as it determines the kind of vapor that will be created and the quantity in which it will be created. Vaporizers are available in 3 main temperature options; fixed temperature, pre-set temperatures, and precise temperature control. While fixed temperature controls offer zero flexibility, pre-set ones allow you to choose from a range of pre-set temperatures. The best out of these 3 is precise temperature control vaporizers, which give the user full control of the temperature they want to vape on. Ideally, the best temperature range for most herbs, including weed, is between 180 to 215 degrees Celsius. You should be wary of how you control the temperature as with some devices; higher temperatures can result in your throat burning and the vaping experience turning sour very quickly.