Different Methods to Administer Cannabis

Cannabis is often portrayed as something to smoke. While that is the traditional way it has been done for centuries, you now have access to many options. Moreover, smoking regularly and in heavy quantities causes irreparable damage to the lungs.

Similar to smoking tobacco, smoking marijuana also has its fair share of risks. It irritates the throat, inducing coughing, increasing lung cancer and diseases, damaged blood vessels, etc. But what if you are dependent on medical marijuana for its benefits? Worry not, there are many ways to consume cannabis without smoking.

So, let’s take a look at the different methods to administer cannabis with a lot less side effects.

You can also get in touch with a marijuana doctor to clear your doubts. This allows you to stay on the safe side while consuming marijuana. Medical Marijuana Card San Francisco is the perfect place to consult a 420 doctor from the comfort of your home.

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Some ways to consume cannabis are not harmful at all, except for the small risks associated with cannabis.

Oral Consumption

Consuming marijuana orally in itself has a few different options, such as:

  • Medical cannabis pills, tablets and capsules which allow you to consume the desired quantities.
  • Cook your own edibles at home or purchase them at a medical marijuana dispensary, where you can be assured of the products’ quality.
  • Infuse it in your morning tea/ coffee to start off the day just right. You can slo find cannabis drinks being sold in stores and online.

Oils/ Tinctures

These are the liquid forms in which cannabis is available for sale. Tinctures often come with a dropper, which allows you to measure them properly. They can be easily added to any recipe. However, many users simply place a drop or two under their tongue and swallow it. Be aware the taste is often bitter, but thankfully, you can opt for a flavored tincture.

Cannabis oils are usually available in roll-on forms. They are great for soothing pain in a specific area or providing particular benefits. For instance, you may find CBD oil for sleep that you can rub on your neck and fall asleep quickly. You can also make your own cannabis oils and tinctures at home.

Different Methods to Administer Cannabis: Oils/ Tinctures


You may not have heard about this method of consuming cannabis as it hasn’t really gotten a lot of recognition. However, it is a great option for those who rely on medical marijuana to help soothe their medical issues. Most of these powders are marketed as having no intoxicating effects.

Moreover, they are great for people who need to deal with some issues in public, such as a workplace. The powder is discrete and if you add it to any liquid, it will just look like any other supplement. So, if you are looking to explore some different ways to ingest cannabis, powders are definitely worth trying!


Transdermal Patches

These patches are often infused with CBD as they are meant to help with medical issues and consures wish to avoid the effects of THC. They stick to your skin, providing pain relief to that particular area.

You can find THC patches too, they just may not be that common. Still, you will barely feel its effects, and you definitely won’t get high. The THC content may just make you hungry.


The different ways of consuming cannabis have varying effects. Meaning that the way you choose to administer it will directly impact what you feel. So, you have a lot of options to choose from accordingly.

Now go ahead and explore fun new ways to ingest cannabis and give some rest to your lungs.

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