Dark Cherry Strain Review



From Bay Cure delivered by Oakzen

Indica / THC ???

Genetics: ???

IG: @BayCure420 & @Oakzen

The first time we encountered Bay Cure weed was in Magnolia Oakland’s farmers market pre Prop 64. Bay Cure was one of the popup shops that stole the show with their clones and their big jars of weed and handmade pre-rolls. The first strain I tried with them, that I really fell in love with, was Silver Strawberry. But then I had to try more so I decided to go with an Indica and it happened to be Dark Cherry.

The thing with dark cherry is that it’s basically what you’d want to smoke if you’re obsessed with fruity, sweet jams. It’s just such a heavy but mellow high that lets the body feel relaxed while exercising.

I think there are different types of Indica strains just like there are different types of color in the spectrum. They’re all gray but they have a different hue – but in the case of weed, they’re all Indica but some of them don’t even make you sleepy.


It’s forest green with dense buds and little stems. Sometimes I like my weed spongy, crunchy, and sticky – like a Crunch bar – and that’s how the nugs felt when I broke it up and ground it.


The smell is a little floral or fruity – with a tinge of zest in it. It smells a little leafy – like how cherries usually are.


AS IS – Syrupy sweet and fragrant like tea. It has hints of mint and vanilla and a dark bitter taste like almost fermenting cherry.

IGNITED – It’s herbal and earthy. Doesn’t really leave a bunch of resin in your mouth.


Relaxed. Uplifted. Happy. This is good for doing yoga and it takes out the anxiety making the rest of the day chill as fuck.

The high is laid thick on the body – definitely good for indoor use.


Oakzen Delivery, possibly, only has this strain exclusive to them. They deliver around the Oakland Area and they can be reached through their Instagram account.

Dominique Hannibal

D.Hannibal smokes weed everyday in the San Francisco / Bay Area. Her favorite time of the month is when she gets to stock up and try new strains from different local dispensaries. The weed she smokes can be found on her IG: @beyondthefur -- and if she really likes them, she sends her reviews here, to KushCa.com .