Curious About Who Is the Best Cannabis Dispensary Delivery Option in CA? Caliva of Course

Caliva is your best bet for all things cannabis, delivered directly to your door

Whether you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, parts of central CA, or are in the Los Angeles area, you deserve top-notch selection and service when it comes to getting your cannabis favorites delivered. And Caliva is your best option to get weed products delivered right to your door. Want to know a little more about what Caliva can offer you with their delivery? Keep reading because we’re going to lay out how their delivery works, where they offer service and highlight some of their most popular items available for delivery.

How Does Caliva Delivery Work?

Convenient cannabis delivery at its finest

It seems that almost anything can be ordered and delivered now, including our groceries, dinner, and everyday essentials–including cannabis. Even before the pandemic, weed delivery was growing in popularity, but the restrictions and safety precautions caused by the coronavirus significantly pushed cannabis delivery to a new level of importance. Caliva was prepared and stepped up their delivery game accordingly, streamlining their process to make it one of the most seamless ways to get your favorites to your door.

So how does it all work? It’s actually pretty simple. Visit their website and check out all the goodies they have available for delivery. You can choose your favorite flower, edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and extracts and then just place them in your cart. Not sure what you want? Not a problem. You can schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of their experts to figure out what would be the best option for you–how convenient is that?

Then, you can either choose to pay for your cannabis with cash upon delivery, or sign up for a Hypur account and pay online. Once your delivery address has been verified, you’ll need to verify your ID, and then just wait for the transaction to process. Once it goes through, you’ll receive text message updates about the status of your order and driver, and the estimated time of delivery. When your driver arrives, you’ll confirm your ID (and pay with cash) and then be on your way to enjoy your new stash! All of Caliva’s deliveries are contactless, and whether you pay with cash or with your Hypur account, you can be sure that all safety precautions will be taken into account.

Caliva offers both express delivery and delivery on demand options. Depending on where you’re at in California, you can choose the express option and get some of Caliva’s top selling items to your door in about an hour. 

Or choose delivery on demand, which offers a much larger selection of weed products for delivery in two hour increments. You can also plan out your cannabis order and schedule it up to a week in advance, if you’re into planning ahead. 

If there’s something wrong with your order or you need to cancel, just hit up the Caliva Customer Support team, and they can get your issue sorted out. That way everyone goes home happy!

Where Does Caliva Deliver to in CA?

How do you know if Caliva services your area?

Caliva is your one-stop shop for weed delivery in California. Whether you’re in the Bay Area, parts of central CA, or in the greater Los Angeles area, chances are you can get your favorites delivered. Although express delivery (one hour) is not available in all areas, Caliva is adding more zip codes that support this option all the time. So if you don’t see that choice appear when you go to order, it could be coming your way in the future. 

All areas where delivery is available to support on-demand delivery, so just fill up your cart with what you want, and set up a time for it to be delivered on your terms. Doesn’t get more convenient than that! You can check out where Caliva delivers here.

Caliva’s Customer Favorites Available for Delivery in CA

Consider trying out these favorites the next time you schedule a delivery

Fun Uncle Cruisers

Caliva’s newest addition to the vape game are the delicious Fun Uncle Cruisers, designed for a rip roarin’ good time. Available in five tasty strains, each vape is a full gram with 80%+ THC designed to be your ideal adventure companion. 

  • Lemon Jack – Spicy sativa that’s full of zesty lemon.
  • Strawberry Cough – Shift into next gear with a sativa packed with fresh strawberry flavor.
  • SFV OG – Fantastic daytime hybrid with cedar and citrus notes.
  • GG4 – Get into a late afternoon swing with this hybrid bursting with earthy diesel.
  • Berry Gelato – This indica nightcap with berries and cream is the best way to end your day.

Whether you want to explore new places, hit up the beach, or spend the night out under the stars, there’s a Cruiser strain for that. Oh, and did we mention these vapes are no highway robbery either? Just $25 for a full gram is the only toll you’ll need to pay on this expedition!

Pax Pod Sour Diesel Lemon Kush

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience in a vape, then you’ve got to try out Sour Diesel Lemon Kush in a Pax Pod. This strain includes zesty lemon notes balanced perfectly with earthy kush undertones, making this Sativa the perfect companion on all your adventures. This vape includes single-sourced terpenes that come from Caliva’s own indoor-grown flower–offering all the taste and aroma of the flower, in the convenience of a Pax Pod vape. There are no additives or fillers in this cart, only natural ingredients, just as they should be.

Alien OG Flower

Always a favorite among Caliva customers is Alien OG. This flower is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, and is great to bring along to whatever you might be up to. Perfect for hanging out for a chill night in, or if you’re up for a little more action, this flower has got your back. This potent strain can pack a punch, so make sure you’re ready to take it slow until you find your sweet spot. 

Deli Nickels Gummy Rounds

Who doesn’t love a yummy gummy? You just can’t go wrong with the delicious fruity taste of Deli Nickels. Each gummy round contains 5mg of THC, making them ideal to stash in your bag or bring along for the ride. And with 20 pieces in each pouch, these edibles really give you a bang for your buck. Did we mention that Deli Nickels come in five amazing flavors just bursting with fruit flavor? That’s right, no matter what flavor you’re in the mood for, these gummies have got you covered. 

Caliva offers all of your favorite cannabis products, all available through the convenience of delivery. Whether you’re in the mood for flower, carts, edibles, or pre-rolls, it’s the destination in California for weed delivery. 

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