Confused about California Cannabis Costs?

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act, while noble in its vision, has caused nothing short of confusion, chaos and chagrined states of mind as people across the state attempt to navigate the hodgepodge of new pot laws, regulations and requirements. Folks will now need to read up on how changing pot laws will affect their access to pot, as well as their pocketbooks.

But this is America, dammit. We barely read and often need our information presented in bright, colorful fonts and preferably with some cool cartoons thrown in for extra insight. Thankfully our friends at SPARC did just that. So we’re doing our civic duty and passing along some rather pertinent knowledge about California’s new pot prices. Read on and be sure to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!


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We realize that we all have different learning styles, so we’ve included this link from the folks at Nugg to help you better understand what your money is going when you purchase pot. They’ve done what many others haven’t and explained Calfornia’s new pot laws in easy to read articles that you can enjoy at your leisure.

We understand that the effects of these new laws are overwhelming, especially when your favorite dispensary is charging you upwards of 20-30% on your medical marijuana purchase. No good.

Below you’ll learn about the three different taxes that affect your cannabis purchases, and how you can avoid at least one (if not two) of them: 

  1. Excise tax — 15% tax on all retailers, but you end up paying it
  2. Sales & use tax — same as your county’s local sales tax, but can be avoided if you have the state-issued MMIC.
  3. Local tax — different from sales tax, each county sets this tax themselves and chooses whether or not MMIC holders pay it.

As you can see, taxation is NOT representation.

Which is why if you spend $100 or more per month on cannabis, you’ll save money by getting your state-issued medical marijuana identification card (MMIC).

Check back as we update our posts and continue to provide new insights into California’s new legal weed market.

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