Cherry Pie: Taste So Good Make a Grown Man Cry

Okay, so I can’t lie. I haven’t been buying big, tasty buds to review ever since I started buying modestly sized ounces of shake– courtesy of my pals from Herbal Relief Collective. It’s $40 for the stuff, you honestly can’t beat that deal with a diamond bat.

However, I don’t know about you, but I tire of smoking the same flower day in and day out, no matter how cheap and effective it is (and boy is that shake sugar effective):

For this reason, I decided to see if Herbal Relief had anything tastier on their menu, as I was too lazy to do what my momma told me to do and shop around. I must say it was the most self-preserving decision I’ve made since I gave up trying to fight Facebook racists in the comment sections. I was on Herbal Reliefs site no less than two minutes when an image of one of my favorite strains, Cherry Pie leaped at me like a dog seeing its master walk through the door. I was just as elated. I mean look at this ridiculousness:

When you smoke Cherry Pie it tastes like fruity turpentine and will get you lit off a hit. And I mean that. My good friend was in town over the weekend and we decided to go sight-seeing. Me being me I took a few slices of the pie ( a’ la mode of course) and was so high for so long I thought I would never be sober ( a’ la High School).  From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge, to all the wacky neighborhoods in between, that Cherry Pie had me sweetened like tea:


Cherry Pie is not as dense as other buds, therefore if you smoke ganja hard try and take shorter, more compact hits, to draw your pretty flowers out even more.  I should know, I’m already halfway through my stash.

From Cherry Pie back to Shake n’ Bake it’s for me I suppose. Le sigh…

Best Song to Listen To While Indulging:  Warrant – Cherry Pie  


Best Show/Movie To Watch While Indulging: Small Wonder

Petey Wheatstraw

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