CBD & Millennials: Is CBD a Millennial Thing?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the most abundant and active substances present in the Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant which has become a most sought after due to its immense benefits. At present, the world seems to be taking a shift from the traditional sense of drug addiction associated with hemp because most people have realized the high-end therapeutic potentials of CBD in the hemp plant. 

There are three broad classes of cannabis products; the everyday lifestyle products synthesized from CBD (which is not psychoactive), hemp products and thirdly products that contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is psychoactive and causes you to get high. 

Of all these three classes, CBD based products are the ones that have been making waves in the cannabis market. Even millennials are beginning to embrace the use of these products. This is because many young people who suffer from depression are constantly in search of the best alternative methods to get rid of this disorder. CBD is often believed to provide relief from symptoms of depression, mood swings, and anxiety. Click to find out more about CBD for depression, read more detailed information here.

As stated earlier CBD is currently gaining increasing popularity amongst millennials due to its immense medical and therapeutic benefits. For instance, in the US, the sales of CBD products are witnessing a staggering growth, and its presence in most pharmaceutical stores reflects its usage in the healthcare, well-being, and cosmetic industry. 


With the increasing awareness of the therapeutic advantages of CBD, the economic value of CBD based products also keeps rising. More and more young people are beginning to consider CBD as a better option for traditional everyday drugs. For instance, research has shown the use of CBD among Millennials in the US is on a steady increase. CBD use among students in grade 12 in America keeps increasing from 1.9 percent in 1992 to as much as 5.9 percent in 2017. 

In addition, the link between alcohol and hemp seems to have been broken, such that Millennials are now beginning to see hemp as a beneficial and economic plant and alcohol as a mere intoxicating drink. 

Millennials are not just consuming CBD for depression, but they are equally investing their money in it. Millennials are trooping to purchase cannabis stocks in their large numbers than any other age group in the world. Another reason why Millennials embrace the use of CBD is due to ADHS, the Attention-Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHS), which is a common disorder among young adults and children. CBD in the cannabis plant and ADHD have the effect of faulty attention, inhibition as well as functioning. Consequently, a lot of researchers have concluded that cannabis can worsen ADHD crises. However, empirical findings in 2015 that investigated the link between ADHD, moodiness, and CBD usage among university undergraduates revealed that CBD reduces the symptoms of ADHD. 


Finally, the increase in the use of CBD for depression among young people shows that CBD is indeed a millennial thing. In so many countries, young people have embraced its use, and the economic value of CBD based products have gone quite high.