CBD Industry Projections and Its Exciting Future (Infographic)

The CBD industry is getting a fair share of reasons to celebrate these last couple of years. The extensive research conducted on cannabis is fruitful, and we’ve gotten a lot of insight into everything this miraculous plant has to offer. The studies conducted help governments around the world understand the benefits, revenue is at its all-time high and thousands of people are getting employed.

So, how did the CBD industry get where it is today?

Firstly, scientists and engineers put in a lot of effort and time into researching the nature of cannabis. We have a much clearer picture painted for us regarding the way CBD influences our body and mind. Those benefits are diverse and plenty, so CBD appeals to millions around the world in terms of not only handling pain but complex and severe symptoms and illnesses as well.

People are much more open-minded these days thanks to media coverage, and this helps a lot. As cannabis and its components are no longer a taboo, it is much easier for larger masses to get educated on this topic. Once you see the outcome of CBD consumption, you will most certainly feel much more at ease to discuss it with others. 

Secondly, many new startups and full-blown cannabis companies are certainly putting in a lot of work to create a robust CBD industry. These companies employ hard-working, driven, and creative individuals who are willing to exploit the best of their expertise so you can consume CBD in the most convenient way for you. That is why smoking cannabis is not the only option—you can use CBD oil and tinctures, you can vape high-quality buds, or consume some tasty edibles. The choice is all yours, and it depends on your condition, or maybe even a hobby (yoga and cannabis are very popular nowadays).

Lastly, the states and countries where CBD is legalized for either medicinal or recreational use make sure there are plenty of vendors and distributors for a prosperous and fair CBD industry. This creates a climate where every grower is essentially equal, and the growers’ biggest concern is putting a quality product on the market. 

Cannabusiness, even though relatively recent and fresh, keep growing exponentially and are certainly here to stay. With increasing legislative efforts toward cannabis legalization, it is easy to conclude that we have a lot to look forward to. If you are as enthusiastic as we are, keep reading. This infographic we provided for you below offers a great insight into the burgeoning CBD industry.

infographic-cbd-industry-November-update (1)

Laurice Wardini

Always on the lookout for new adventures and creative drives, Laurice is currently mesmerized by the fast-paced cannabis industry and providing the internet community with valuable information via LoudCloudHealth.