How CBD Can Serve as an Antibiotic

According to study results by chemist Mark Blaskovich, a senior researcher at the University of Queensland, Australia, CBD is “remarkably effective” in killing a variety of bacteria, including several antibiotic-resistant strains, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (known as MRSA ). In other words, CBD is showing potential as an antibiotic. 

Blaskovich and his team found that a synthetic form of CBD was able to kill several types of Gram-positive bacteria in the laboratory, including those that can lead to pneumonia. It was also effective in treating a skin infection in rats. However, CBD did not work against Gram-negative bacteria, which are generally more resistant to antibiotics because they have an outer membrane.

Blaskovich’s work was partly financed by an Australian pharmaceutical company called Botanix Pharmaceuticals, which appreciated its shares on the stock market after the market received such news.

The next round of laboratory tests, before moving on to tests on animals – and, eventually, on humans, if all goes well – is yet to be completed in Australia, where laws on cannabis research are looser.

Despite the first promising tests, Blaskovich advises curious consumers to be careful and not to self-medicate. If the results allow, the chemist wants to obtain FDA approval to market the drug as a topical antibiotic.

The discovery of antibiotics as a drug in 1928 was nothing more than a major health revolution. However, the production and versatile use of this medicine has already occurred after 2. The Second World War increased substantially and the excessive intake of antibiotics has become a sad reality today.

According to a recent report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about half of the prescriptions prescribed for antibiotics, except in the U.S., are completely unnecessary. Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) also indicates that the effects of excessive antibiotic consumption are quite catastrophic.

The reason for this is that the bacteria normally present in the human body are constantly evolving and building greater immunity to the large number of antibiotics that people take in diseases that cannot be classified as serious or life-threatening.

Antibiotics and the Consequences of Overeating


This disaster can best be explained with a statistic stating that every year at least 2 million Americans suffer from infection caused by bacteria with greater immunity to antibiotics. It is estimated that approximately 23,000 people die each year.

If this problem is not resolved in time, the number of these deaths could increase rapidly in the years to come. But the good news is that nature has already found a solution to this problem.

Hemp Oil and CBD Bacteria


Research by British and Italian scientists has shown that CBD has a natural potential to effectively kill these bacteria and is therefore very effective in treating the infection.

At least 6 more resistant bacterial species have been exposed to the effects of CBD and, fortunately, it has been confirmed in all cases that CBD hemp oil was much more effective against these bacteria than the numerous medical preparations that are available in our pharmacies.

Cannabidiol and its Antimicrobial Effect


In addition, it was found that CBD hemp oil should be applied locally (oral mucosa) to have the most efficient effect. these antimicrobial properties of CBD that is absorbed by the body by absorbing the mucosa are very effective in combating this bacteria and causing an infection.

This suggests that cannabis, which cannot be used for recreational purposes, can be used to develop effective drugs that can be available to patients at an affordable price. CBD can, therefore, obtain a substance that not only heals but at the same time is necessary for all patients.

Production of Drugs with CBD


If we take into account all the information above, it is not difficult to see that CBD The most effective drug is in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria immune to antibiotics. The last step in the effective development of CBD drugs is only permission to spread CBD and use by individual state governments.

Although it seems like a complicated and never-ending process, when all the benefits of CBD are taken into account, it is very likely that CBD will soon be approved as an effective drug for treating patients.

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