Cannabis Strain Recommendations for Beginners

As someone who hasn’t consumed cannabis before, you may have some reservations about it. Many U.S. citizens rely on medical marijuana to help them relieve pain while offering other benefits. Thus, you may also be curious to consume it for suitable reasons.

However, if you are new to cannabis consumption, you may not be aware of the suitable strains for you. Worry not, if you find yourself in this situation, we’re here to help! In this blog, we will talk about the best strains for beginners and some helpful tips. So without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

Best Cannabis Strains for Newbies

Not all marijuana strains have the same potency, and as a newbie, it is best to pick one that is not too strong.

Listed below are some of the best ones for beginners:


Cannatonic is a crossbred strain with G13 Haze and MK Ultra, known for its high CBD content, along with balanced amounts of THC. Therefore, it is a great option for those who don’t want to experience the psychoactive high provided by THC, yet still benefit from its pain-killing effects.

As Cannatonic is rich in CBD, it helps in relieving stress, migraines, muscle spasms, anxiety, pain, and depression. It is also easy to consume, owing to its herbal, peppery flavor.

Cannatonic | cannabis strains recommendations

Northern Lights

This is a very popular Indica-dominant strain, best for use at night as it helps users fall asleep rather quickly. Northern Lights has 9 strains, most of which have a high THC content, but a few may also have enough CBD to balance its effects.

Although it is mainly sleep-inducing, some strains of Northern Lights may also give you an energy boost. This strain also has a peppery, citrus flavor, and offers relaxing, euphoric effects.

Northern Lights |cannabis strains recommendations

Orange Bud

Orange Bud is another hybrid strain, bred from two separate Skunk #1 variations. It has low THC levels, which doesn’t cause any heavy effects and helps boost creativity. This strain is particularly popular with beginners due to its stress and anxiety-relieving properties.

Some users also find Orange Bud helps them keep their depression on the low. It has a fruity and citrus flavor.

Orange Bud


Harlequin is rich in CBD and provides uplifting effects. It is great for users as its CBD content surpasses the quantity of THC, meaning that users don’t experience the high, or any laziness.

This strain is popular for relieving depression, anxiety, and pain. It has a mango-like flavor, which might be due to the myrcene terpene.

Harlequin cannabis


This is one of the most crossed strains of marijuana, meaning that it has strong genetics so growers prefer to use it to create new strains. It is great for inducing sleep, pain relief, anxiety, stress, and depression.

If you want stronger effects, you can go for Blueberry’s crosses Blue Cheese and Blue Moonshine. Blueberry has a fruity, lavender-like flavor, which may occasionally give peppery tones.

Now that you are aware of beginner-friendly marijuana strains, let’s look at some tips to help you consume marijuana effortlessly.

Blueberry cannabis

Marijuana Tips for Beginners

The most important tips for new cannabis consumers would be to get in touch with a doctor regarding any questions you may have, as that allows you to consume cannabis safely.

California Marijuana Doctor is the perfect place to get in touch with a reliable 420 doctor and get an MMJ card at affordable prices. They have a team of experienced doctors to guide you well regarding medical marijuana.

Understanding the Difference Methods of Consumption

After getting a consultation, you’ll be able to understand the types of cannabis products better. However, finding the best one for you takes some tries, so let’s look at some popular ways to consume cannabis:

Edibles – They are easy to consume as the term basically refers to food items with infused cannabis. You may not feel the effects right away but don’t overconsume as edibles are very potent.

Vaping – Vaping involves using the cannabis flower itself, which is the most common way to consume it. It has instant effects and you will get to know how it reacts with your body right away.

Oils and Tinctures – This is a good method of application and consumption. Particularly helpful for relieving pain, inducing sleep, relaxing, stress-relieving, etc. This method is popular amongst medical users.

You now have the necessary knowledge for consuming cannabis as a beginner. Keeping your safety in mind, you should begin by getting a consultation from a 420 doctor.