Cannabis-for-Pets: California Will Permit Cannabis Treatments for Animals in 2020

Back in 1996, California was the first state to legalize cannabis for medical treatments. And now, 23 years later, the most populous state will initiate another similar revolution. California will, during next year, permit cannabis treatments for animals. However, let’s go step by step and compare the effect of cannabis on humans with animal cannabis treatments.

A recent study on CBD for humans

There were many talks recently about the advantages of cannabis. A 2015 research called “Cannabidiol as a potential treatment for anxiety disorder” shows that CBD is super efficient in treating various diseases and illnesses. Some of the most significant complications where CBD works are panic disorder (PD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). On top of that, there were many other cases where CBD was successfully used for anxiety and depression treatments. Therefore, in the case of humans, cannabis is already well-known as a great tool against various mental diseases. People can use their different forms, from oil to eye serum.

Cannabis and pets

Even the lack of legal authority has not stopped business owners from developing products based on cannabis for pets since products were super successful. Also, pet owners were trying these products on their animals to relieve pain and other maladies. The situation was pretty clear – it was evident that both entrepreneurs and pet owners were satisfied with cannabis products. Therefore, the initiative to permit cannabis treatments on pets was expected. However, until the legislation comes, veterinarians will be put in an awkward situation. They have to take care of pets, but at the same time, they have to work according to official law. Therefore, they won’t be able to recommend cannabis for pets to owners until the official law changes.

California and cannabis

California, as a state, already has a history of changing the status of marijuana. In 1996, California became the first state that allowed the usage of marijuana as a medicine, through laws. Nowadays, there are 34 other states, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, and District of Columbia, that allow usage of marijuana for medical purposes. Therefore, this will not be the first time that California becomes revolutionary when it comes to cannabis and its products and derivatives.

A first state to allow medical cannabis for pets

According to Vin News Service, a California bill that will allow veterinarians to recommend cannabis as a medicine for pets is likely to be on the table during next year. Once it becomes official, California will be the first state that allows medical cannabis for pets. It means that owners will have the right to purchase medical cannabis products for their pets if their veterinarian recommends. As we mentioned, the recent period was awkward for veterinarians since they couldn’t recommend these products even when they wanted to because of the law. Last year, California law provided legal protection to veterinarians to (only) talk about the usage of cannabis with pet owners, but recommendations were still forbidden. Fortunately, the situation will, most likely, change in the next few months.

Qualifications for veterinarians

The situation for veterinarians will be better, of course, but not so easy as it seems. Every veterinarian that wants to recommend cannabis treatments for pets will have to take a specialized course on this subject. That is the only way to be qualified to give such recommendations and to be entirely under the law requirements. Animals are sensitive, and every veterinarian has to know what should be a specific treatment for every pet. According to all recent studies, cannabis is very effective in treating different types of pain, seizures, and arthritis. Also, it can treat diabetes, heart disease, and other similar illnesses. Therefore, additional qualifications entirely make sense. First of all, this subject is delicate. To make the right decision, you have to be genuinely in this matter as an expert. And finally, pet owners should never risk listening to some advice that is not entirely based on science.
Even though this is excellent news for all pet owners, you should still be very careful. Veterinarian recommendation is a huge deal, and you should not make your own decisions and buy products that you think are good (unless you are an expert as well).

Bill Gordon

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