Cadillac Purple: Pimp Your Hash

I watch a lot of Blaxploitation films, a genre that rarely interests anyone but me in polite conversation. If you’ve never seen one before go watch Melvin Van Peeble’s Sweetback’s Badass Song now. Or when you get the chance (I’m not the pushy type). It’s often considered one of the first Blaxploitation films (although my vote goes towards his earlier film Watermelon Man starring Godfrey Cambridge) and certainly one of the raunchiest.

One thing you’ll notice right away after watching a Blaxploitation flick is these films are best viewed through a certain lens. And by that, I mean one slathered with THC. Blaxploitation flicks at times threw caution, editing, sound design and many other aspects of filmmaking to the wind in exchange for what oftentimes appeared as outtakes of a fucking party slapped together with some half-assed acting. When you’re high they can be the pinnacle of comedy.

The first Blaxploitation movie I watched was the Disco Godfather, starring the indelible Rudy Ray Moore (Put Your Weight On It!!). I was only 16 at the time and hadn’t fully acquired my taste for trees yet.

Back then the movie made no god damn sense. Zombie’s playing basketball, little kids hooked on PCP and turning into demons. Even now I’m not sure I’ve got the plot completely right. I don’t even think the plot was completed right.

Which brings me to Cadillac Purple. You see I love me some hash and when I smoked some of that purple a few weeks ago it was the same evening I happened to find myself watching the Disco Godfather again, some… well some many years later.


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And lo’ and behold the hash did the trick! What I mean is for the first time I could understand the plot of the movie and it actually made sense. Don’t do drugs, especially PCP, duh.


I’ll just leave it at this. Cadillac Purple is a good hash for when you’re rolling in your droptop 74’Coup Deville hitting switches and the like. It’s good for chilling in some park in the California Bay on those rare warm summer nights, listening to the Stylistics or Delfonics out of your car stereo while you and your peeps grill steak and corn and drink tall cans and smoke joints and laugh late into the evening. It’s good for rummaging up the courage to speak to that special guy or gal you’ve been staring at across the dance floor because the DJ is playing what will be you and their song. It’s good for packing in a pipe with some cheap refeer you got from your homie because you’re broke as fuck and maybe you ain’t got no car. So all you can do tonight is throw on your headphones and groove out to some Hendrix, some Mayfield, some Miles. The war in Vietnam is a million miles away but you don’t care. Your shit–a natural high, the man can’t put nothing on you. 

Best Song to Listen to While Indulging: Willam De Vaughn: Be Thankful for What You’ve Got

Best TV Show/Movie to Watch While Indulging: Sanford and Son

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