Bloom Farms 4th Annual Bay Area Budtenders Bash

Bloom Farms is a Bay Area medical marijuana collective whom you’ve probably had the pleasure of enjoying…even if you had no idea you were enjoying them.

Creators of the famed and ubiquitous Highlighter, a portable, smokeless cannabis oil vapor pen (you know, the one  you see in EVERY dispensary), Bloom Farms has the Bay Area vape game on LOCK. 

They also apparently throw one HELL of a Budtenders Bash. 

But before I let you gaze longingly at pictures of February 19ths  Budtenders Bash in all it’s sativa splendor, from the beautiful attendees with their dazzlingly beatific smiles, to the assortments of ganja products, let me answer a question I’m sure a few of you may have, namely, what the HELL is a BUDTENDER  and WHY are they having a BASH??

Well a Budtender, for all you old buzzards who may be in your 30’s or 40’s, is simply an individual who dispenses cannabis and cannabis products at a marijuana collective. Like a bartender, knowledge of the actual products you are preparing and serving is definitely preferred, but like a bartender, you can also acquire such knowledge on the job. For example, you CAN get certified as a Budtender, as schools are popping up all over. Most are out here in the West Coast, like the notable Oaksterdam University in Oakland, but there are also a few in less legalized places, like Florida.

How Do I Become A Budtender or Work in the Cannabis Industry, so I Can Get Invited to Cool Events Like This? 

Well, my friend, that is a lengthier article for a shorter week. However a quick Google search showed me that 3 steps are PARAMOUNT to getting your foot in the door as a Budtender. I’m sure after you’ve followed each one you could easily attend Bloom Farms next Budtenders Bash, which, by all accounts, is rumored to be held in Los Scandalous this May:

Step 1: Get Your Medical Marijuana Card:

This is a no-brainer. No weed card means you can’t even step foot in a marijuana dispensary. If you can’t do that, you won’t be selling much of anything but some dime bags to tourists in Golden Gate Park or in some sketcky park in Sac Town.

Step 2: Get Educated:

Like I mentioned, people want someone who is knowledgeable about the products they are selling. I sometimes will even ask a Budtender to recommend a product, just to get a sense if the staff is knowledgable about what’s on their own menu.

Step 3: Go Public

No one cares how much you know about weed, or how much you smoke weed, or how awesome your weed is if you never say anything and put yourself out there. Remember, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed…or paid.

Now that we’ve got that out the way, do your due diligence and get yourself in the cannabis business. Then you can experience nights filled with cannabis industry workers, open bars, giveaways, sponsor swag gift bags, and live performances, all for free!


Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room (Zion I)
Photo Coutr
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room
Photo Courtesy of Bloom Room


Before you leave, check out this event from Bloom Farms happening in a few days:


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