Become an Eaze Ambassador and Make Money Selling Marijuana

Okay, so the title alone already sounds sketchy, right? But I assure you Eaze does not intend on having anyone stand on a bustling California street corner, crudely twisting their neck around looking for police like a paranoid speed freak as they hand out shaky eights to equally sketchy people in exchange for a few, sweaty, crumpled bills. Nor is there any real “selling” involved; you’re just promoting something that both you and other people enjoy.

So what’s the catch then? Can you actually make money?

Well yes and maybe no (sorry to disappoint with such a vague answer).

As an Eaze Ambassador, you get paid for every person whom you refer to Eaze, which can lead to other perks such as discounted cannabis, accessories and more. Eaze Ambassadors are encouraged to spread the word both online and offline. Each person you refer gets 20$ off their first order while you get paid 40$ for every person who places an order using your referral link or promo code. So far I’ve made about $4500 bucks, which ain’t too shabby for basically providing something we all love:


For over a year Eaze scrapped their Ambassador program and instead opted to provide credits for cannabis only. While you can still refer people to gain discounts off cannabis, being an Eaze Ambassador will get you actual money. You may also be asked to work at major venues like concerts or cannabis-themed conferences and events. There you can sign people up to Eaze on the spot and they can have their pot served to them piping hot, just how every stoner likes it.

Upon signing up as an Eaze Ambassador (you must be 21+) you will receive an email that will provide you access to marketing materials. You can access the Eaze digital media kit or order cards and materials through the Eaze ProShop.

After you have created your own unique promo link, you can share it both online and offline and offer adults 21+ $20 off their first order with Eaze. You can easily make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars simply by educating and offering access to a wide assortment of cannabis products.

If you aren’t already familiar with their service Eaze is a Marijuana Delivery service that has been recently been dubbed by Forbes magazine as the first “Uber For Pot Delivery” (yes weed has gone to Wall Street). Started in 2014, they currently deliver to San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and parts of Oregon.

To join all you need a Valid CA state ID and you’re good. It took me about 5 mins to initially upload all the necessary documents, send it to them and receive a response. I was able to place an order and get my discounted weed in about another 30 mins, most of which I spent staring indecisively at all the delicious, sugar-frosted fauna I was drooling over on my computer screen.

For those just looking to score $20 off their first delivery follow this link and make it happen. If you don’t use mine, shop around and use others. You can essentially get a $15 eight delivered to your front door.

If you have more questions this lovely FAQ should answer them.

I would be lying if I didn’t say this a pair made in heaven. Money and Marijuana. What could be better?
NOTE: As of April 1st, 2022, Eaze is officially retiring its ambassador program. Check out this article for similar programs in and around the Bay Area. 

Petey Wheatstraw

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