Bay Area Artist Jeremy Fish Crafts Custom Cannabis Vaporizers

Famed Bay Area Artist Jeremy Fish wants you to vape in supreme style this summer– and he’s got the tools to make it happen.

The North Beach native’s art is set to be featured on his own line of vaporizers and oil cartridges aptly titled ‘Fish Tanks,’ reports Green State. Fish Tanks will start appearing this week at finer Bay Area cannabis dispensaries, such as Harvest and the Appocthecarium.

Jeremy fished the idea to create his own line of vapes after running into a problem many, if not all smokers can relate to–namely, running out of good weed. Collaborating with leading Bay Area cannabis manufacturer AbsoluteXtracts, their newly minted vape pen ‘Fish Tanks’ — is a $100, signature Jeremy Fish handheld portable vaporizer, complete with a custom leather pouch; a custom battery base; and a tiny, pre-filled tank of extremely potent cannabis oil called Tangie made to the artist’s specifications.

A mutual friend introduced Fish and CannaCraft — the parent company behind AbsoluteXtracts. “I am a heavy marijuana enthusiast, and I like the products this brand makes,” he said.

The two cannabis enthusiasts collaborated for over a year to “make the product truly premium,” he said. “Not just in artwork, packaging and design, but that truly premium meant it had to have higher [potency] than its competitors. The folks at AbsoluteXtracts met my expectations, and delivered a superior product as requested.”

“I am a fan, an aficionado of sorts,” Fish continued “And I have had my medical cannabis card since the first year they were allowed in California as a result of Mr. Peron’s efforts,” Fish told Green State. “When and if I run out of cannabis, it’s a total downer.”

Residents of  SF and Oakland can purchase a Fish Tank a number of ways, although every method involves you getting off your ass in some capacity. The cheapest way to cop a tank is to simply purchase the Tangie cartridge alone ($60 list price), or with the battery as a set ($70). The super-duper doja deluxe collector set comes in a wooden book-shaped box and includes a limited edition leather fish pouch made by Al’s Attire in North Beach. Now say that 5x fast.

While Fish is the creative brains behind Fish Tanks, it’s his real medical need to stay off pot products that create carcinogens, like smoking joints or pipe bowls, that has made this endeavor all the more personal, after having to make the switch from smoking to vaping after a brain aneurysm.

“Vaporizing and edibles helped make quitting carcinogenic’s much easier,” he stated.

Note: I tried Jeremy Fish’s “Fish Tanks” a couple of weeks ago and was sincerely impressed. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to pull, Fish Tanks are the only cannabis oil that got me satisfyingly high off a couple of tokes (except for Jetty Extracts, review forthcoming). The oil within Fish Tanks is sweet and terpy and leave a taste in your mouth I would compare to the fluoride you get during your annual dental cleanings….You are going to the dentist, right?


Petey Wheatstraw

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