Aunt Zelda Co-Founder Mara Gordon Tells Us About Proper Dosing

Throughout 2018 we will be teaming up with LA clinician Doctor Frank to feature women entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and personalities who are changing the face and tone of the typically male-dominated cannabis industry. In this post we’re highlighting Mara Gordon,  Co-Founder of Aunt Zelda, Calla Spring Wellness, and Zelda Therapeutics. Gordon has significantly changed the legitimacy of medical marijuana by educating doctors on the development of treatment protocols that utilize Bio Pharmaceutical grade cannabis extracts for seriously ill patients in California.

Gordon, along with partner Stewart Smith, founded Aunt Zelda’s, a small company in Sonoma County, California that frames itself as “a pioneering, data-driven developer of cannabis-based plant medicines.”

In addition to her work with Aunt Zelda, Gordon has worked as a process engineer, helping Fortune 500 companies create intelligent software by utilizing the Rational Unified Process. After recognizing a need for patient-focused software, Gordon founded CDRMed. With CDRMed, physicians and medical health professionals are able to make treatment recommendations based on the latest highest-quality data.

Gordon sits on the boards of Zelda Therapeutics, #illegallyhealed, Daya Foundation, International Cannabis Standards Board (ICSB), Hmbldt, and New Frontier. As a renowned cannabis educator, she has spoken at medical cannabis conferences in Australia, Costa Rica, Chile, the Czech Republic, Israel, as well as other events throughout the USA and worldwide.



We will be culminating our series with an audience-led Q&A where Dr. Frank will answer your questions about cannabis and health. Stay tuned!

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