Ash Holes: Keeps the Ash Out of Your Mouth

I smoke out of glass bowls often. Like every day often.  Two issues that I often careen into is the dreaded clogged pipe and ash in my mouth.

Clogged pipes are a pretty nasty affair as unplugging one is like giving an enema to a dead horse. You need to scoop out oodles and oodles of stinky black tar from the stem of your piece. Not only does it smell like you’re skimming for pond scum the resin from your pipe stains everything it comes in contact with (and no amount of detergent will wash away those black blobs from your bed sheets). I suppose you also have the option to boil your pipe, which will make your entire living quarters smell like week-old mustard greens have been left metastasizing on your stove–but I wouldn’t recommend that.

The thing is, you kind of expect your pipe to get clogged. That’s the life of a stoner. What you don’t expect is ash and soot from your pipe flying down your throat like carbon shrapnel when you least expect it. It always seems to happen when you’re already high as hell and trying to get that last little tasty bit from your pipe, or you’re pulling from a piece with a shallow bowl.

There is a way to smoke without ash flying down your throat, right?

That face you make when ash flies into your mouth


I guess I could use screens, but glass screens typically prevent me from getting a decent hit and there is no way in hell I’m time traveling to 1996 and putting a metal screen in my glass pipe. So I did a little Internet digging like any productive stoner would about a week ago and came across this amazing little device,  called Ash Holes:

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The Ash Hole function is simple enough: it stops soot from flying into your flute. They come in 1 flexible size (with larger and smaller sizes in the works) to accommodate most mouthpieces. You can squeeze your A-Hole into most bowl openings to form an airtight seal.


I’ve been using my Ash Holes ever since I received them in the mail and they indeed work as advertised. I am happy to report I didn’t have to spend 5 mins trying to work out a jagged nug lodged under my tongue.


Keep in mind that you can also use your Ash Hole for more than just your glass pipe. A true stoner has an array of devices so be sure to see if your Ash Hole fits in your chillum, one-hitter or mini steamroller.

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To get your own Ash Holes click on this link here. Also, check out their Facebook page and see the Ash Hole in action!

Petey Wheatstraw

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