Arizer Go (ArGo) Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Go Vaporizer is the latest product from the Canadian manufacturer Arizer. You will also hear it being referred to as the ArGo and it is the fifth release that the company has made. It is characterized by having precise temperature control, a glass-vapor path, and a removable battery all tucked neatly in a compact portable package.

Arizer decided to focus on portability with the ArGo, which their previous products noticeably lacked. The quality of the product is still there as with the ones before.

The quality and the adaptability of this product are accounted for by it is currently their best selling one, and it is even one of the top-selling vaporizers at online smoke shop and a few other similar websites.

Let’s talk about this product a bit more.

How to Use Arizer Go

Load the mouthpiece by dipping the end of it into your herb. Tap it to loosen the herb so air can come through it. Put the weed-filled end into the device and press down on the top. Make sure that the mouthpiece is exposed.

Hold the plus button and the menu button at the same time in order to power up the ArGo. Select the desired temperature. Once the heating is complete you will hear a beeping sound after which you can go ahead and inhale from the mouthpiece.


The ArGo offers the option of adding a water pipe attachment which can be bought separately. Users that want to cool down the vapor, even more, can add a water pipe instead of the standard mouthpiece to enhance their smoking pleasure.

ArGo uses a removable battery so it will come with storage compartments for extra batteries so you never run out of them when you need them.

All the added accessories are available in the Arizer store.

Arizer Go Design

The Arizer Vaporizer is really a good and compact product. It is good looking and really compact. In fact, it actually adds quite a lot of features for such a small and compact vaporizer.

It even has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece that is rarely seen in portable vaporizers. With it, herb loading is really easy to do and at the same time, it keeps the vapor pure and cool. You also have the option of preloading them and closing them with stem caps and seal them off.

You don’t have to worry about the mouthpiece breaking off as the ArGo comes with a pop up top design. The top is completely enclosed when you are not using it and when you are ready to vape you just press the top down.

Other design features are standard but are really good looking. The very clear OLED screen keeps you informed about the temperature and the battery level. The control buttons give off good feedback when pressed while the two-tone black finish looks more than good.

Finally, the ArGo is only four inches in size making it more than pocket-friendly to carry around. Portability is increased even further as the pop up top piece is protected from any hazard thanks to the mentioned feature.    

Arizer Go Features

Temperature Flexibility

As with the previous Arizer products, namely Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air 2, the Go also comes with precise temperature control. It allows users to set the temperature of the device and heat up their weed to up to 220 C.

Battery Life

Most users are concerned about the battery life but the Arizer Go has the same one used in the Arizer Air 2. The battery is good and long-lasting and will allow you to use it for up to between 1 hour and 20 minutes to an hour and a half.


Probably the biggest improved opposed to other Arizer products, the ArGo is their most portable product made. The problems that their other portable devices had been nonexistent with this one.

The pop-up tube greatly adds to the portability level and it is really light and easy to carry around.

Pop Up Top

Finally, the pop-up top that we already mentioned is the best feature added for the ArGo. It does not only improve the portability and ease of usage, but it also helps you protect the mouthpiece from being broken when carried around.

With this added feature they were able to greatly excel their product in terms of usage and portability.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the ArGo has not changed compared to their previous products. In fact, the ArGo can boast with excellent quality thanks to the convection/conduction heating system and glass mouthpiece that Arizer products are known for.

If you want the best vapor, make sure to heat it up somewhere between 360°F to 400°F temperature.

Overall Impression

The Arizer Go is not only the best portable vaporizer model that the company has produced but it is also the most discrete one.

The quality of the vapor and design has not changed and they were able to fix the flaws that their previous products have had.