AirVape OM Review: When Smaller IS Better

First Thoughts

There seems to be a general trend of downsizing our most ubiquitous items. From increasingly disappearing cellphones to tiny homes to Americans in general shrinking, it seems everywhere you turn someone is pushing a decrease in size and stature.

When it comes to weed accessories it’s no different. Gone are the days of ten-foot bongs or spliffs the size of baseball bats. Less is more, smaller is better and moderation is key.

But why this trend and why now? Is it because millennials with low tolerances and even lower bank accounts are accounting for more cannabis consumers, on average? Is it because cannabis is increasing in potency and honestly at this point, just a dab will do you in? Or is it because Petey is getting older and just can’t blow them down like he used to? (Don’t look at me, I’m asking you).

I would like to think it’s more the former, as it doesn’t require much to leave your average cannabis consumer in stitches. Equally, discretion when smoking weed has become paramount, especially as cities crackdown on smoking in any capacity publicly.

However, we as weed smokers tend to roll with the trends and adapt as needed. And no matter how small our smoking accessories become we’ll still fit a session in. This is why the Airvape OM is the ultimate compact battery for pre-filled 510 thread oil cartridges. Small, sturdy and highly functional it allows for stealthy vaping (and dabbing) on the low and on the go.


  • The AirVape OM comes equipped with a ceramic chamber to vaporize concentrates.
  • 2 additional changeable cover caps for universal pre-filled cartridges
  • Loading Tool
  • Charger
  • User Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Easily Registered at

How To Use Your AirVape OM

  • Turn your Airvape OM on/off by clicking the button located at the top of the vaporizer (opposite end of the mouthpiece) 5 times, similarly as you would a ballpoint pen.
  • Change the voltage with 3 clicks of the same button.  The Red light indicates the highest voltage (4.0v), blue indicates medium voltage (3.2v) and the white indicates the lowest voltage (2.4v). Change these depending on your flavor and potency preferences.
  • Press and hold the same button located at the opposite end of the mouthpiece to active the device and inhale


The AirVape OM is easy to conceal, and the keyring that comes attached allows for it to be slipped onto your finger and truly confirm your love for Mary Jane.

Something else I love about the AirVape OM is its aesthetics. The bottom half of your AirVape OM features woodgrain print with a metal band that allows for you to see (via 3 colors) which temperature your AirVape is heating at. Sleek and portable, it comes with three differently sized metal sleeve covers to cover your full gram, half-gram carts and vaping chamber.

To use your AirVape OM you need to hold it differently than you would a normal vape pen. Whereas other vape pens you hold in your hand similarly to holding a straw, while pressing a button on the side to activate, your AirVape OM you will need to hold like a syringe, pressing the button located at the base of your OM to activate. This took a bit of getting used to, but I found that once I had the function down I could easily whip my OM out of my pocket for some discreet vaping.


Most Vape Pen Batteries, especially those of the smaller, thinner or lighter variety often suffer from the same disadvantage, and that is reduced battery life. While the AirVape OM is marked with the same, tragic affliction it’s not a deal-breaker. If you set a charging routine– for example charging your OM every night before bed–you should be fine.

Another issue with charging your AirVape OM is that unlike other devices which can be charged via a charging cord, your AirVape OM needs to be charged by a portable USB charger. While this won’t become a problem immediately, you might find yourself unable to charge your AirVape OM if you leave your charger behind.

You might also find that holding your AirVape OM is a bit awkward than holding other vape pens. This is due to the positioning of the OM’s power button (located on the base of the OM as opposed to the side), and it might take some getting used to holding your OM without it looking like you’re injecting cannabis directly into your face.

Something else you might experience is a circular scratch along your wood grain base. It took me a while to figure out why this was happening, but I finally deduced it was from the keyring scratching the base of the OM when it was in my pocket.


Mary Jane might be a size queen, with her love for big spliffs, fat blunts and huge pulls from a dab rig–but that doesn’t mean you have to be. The AirVape OM, a new small-sized vape pen from the makers of the AirVape, allows for discreet vaping on the go. It doesn’t have anything that necessarily sets it apart from other vape pens on the market, however, it is small enough to slip into your pocket (or onto your keyring) and while the battery does drain quickly, it does allow for some enthusiastic vaping (or dabbing) throughout the day.

I would recommend the AirVape OM for those who enjoy aesthetically pleasing vape pens or who need to be discreet about their vaping. I would not recommend the OM for someone who does not have regular access to a USB charging port or cannot charge their OM without questions, as you will need to charge your OM often. Conversely, if you enjoy taking huge pulls from your dab chamber the OM may not be the pen for you. While it can heat the ceramic dab chamber enough to provide flavorful, meaty hits, it does not allow for huge volumes of concentrated clouds to be produced. Save yourself the disappointment and only use your ceramic dab chamber when you want to experience the full flavor profile of your concentrates.

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