Administering CBD To Pets: Which Method Is The Best?

If it wasn’t for the non-psychotic cannabinoid CBD 13-year old Pomeranian, Tinkerbell might have been euthanized. As reported by Embrace Pet Insurance, Emma Smith of Sherman Oaks, California, lost all the hope for her pup suffering from a chronic liver disease that not only made her immobile but also gave her seizures. It reached a state where the vet suggested euthanization to relieve her from the pain she was in.

Emma made up her mind to make the last hours of her pup a bit comfortable, so she decided to give CBD for dogs a try on the recommendation of a local dispensary. Soon thereafter she witnessed a literal miracle. She administered a CBD dosage to Tinkerbell at night and in the morning and saw that her pup was up and moving again. Although leisurely, she performed tasks on her own. Emma is convinced that CBD gave 2 more years of life to Tinkerbell.

It’s anecdotes like these that make me believe that CBD products for pets are elevating their health quotient just as they are doing for us. However, the basic difference is that we humans can speak, feel and decide for ourselves while our pets can’t. It’s technically easy for us to decide if we want to vape CBD oil or have an edible but what about our pets? How do we decide what would be the best for them, regarding CBD?

I have listed three different options you can consider before choosing the appropriate  method of CBD administration in pets:

CBD Tinctures- The Most Common But The Most Difficult

CBD oil tinctures for dogs are a common choice as they have more options in the CBD concentration ratio.  Sick pets might need stronger CBD concentrations which no other product usually offers.

These tinctures are formulated with full-spectrum CBD extract using the CO2 extraction process. More expensive brands such as Lazarus Naturals are actually a better choice as cheaper options available might use other CBD extraction techniques, which does not guarantee the purity of the extracts.

Dogs suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart problems, liver diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. are found to be responding to CBD treatments. CBD has also been found to help canines feel better with anxiety, nausea, pain, and other health issues.

However, the only difficulty is the probable reluctance of pets during the administration of the dosage. Although CBD oils are devoid of taste and odor, it is pretty difficult to convince the pets in the beginning.

CBD oil tinctures can be perfect for your pet if given orally and if you have a knack for stabilizing your pets while administering the CBD. Moreover, if your pet needs a higher concentration of CBD in the case of cancer, epilepsy, or other grave ailments, it is better to go with tinctures.

CBD Topicals- The Easiest to Administer But With Conditional Usage

Pain, injuries, and skin issues are more common in dogs than we realize, especially once they reach old age. Mobility becomes an impossible task for old pets and there is hardly anything pet parents can do which is actually effective.
Yes, there are over-the-counter topicals but ever since CBD topicals have come into the picture for pets, it seems that we can give a great life to our pets even at their ripened age. CBD-infused topicals consist of full-spectrum CBD extracts along with some pain relieving ingredients making the topicals perfect for injuries and joint ache.

Hemp-infused topicals are also used to treat skin issues. The application must be gentle and as soon as the cream is absorbed in the skin it successfully relieves the pets from pain, allergic reaction and inflammation.

There are numerous topicals available but the ones which possess CBD extracted using the CO2 extraction process have the potency to serve their purpose. Thus it is important to not fall for cheaper products and compromise your pet’s well being.

The only issue with topicals is that they don’t offer higher CBD content making them more suitable to fix not-so-severe health issues. In terms of severe chronic pain, it is advisable to give stronger CBD oil.

CBD Edibles- Perfect But With Limited CBD Concentration

What would you prefer? A damp, dull taste of sublingual CBD drops or the most delectable CBD gummies?
Anyone with a love for food would go for the gummies, right?

Why can’t we do the same for our pets?

Well, actually we can!

Administering CBD edibles to pets can be a challenge as pets get suspicious of any different kind of food offerings. However, if the CBD treats smell good and enticing to pets, it can be the perfect method of administering CBD.
Although it may seem perfect, the bioavailability of oral CBD consumption in pets is quite low making edibles a weaker choice for chronic illnesses. Also, if you are looking for a quick fix for your pet, edibles are not suitable as they take a bit longer time to digest and kick in.

However, you can always choose high CBD dosage in edibles, as there are a few companies which offer concentrated edibles. This may seem perfect but your pets can easily overdose on edibles as it provides the missing factor of other techniques- taste.

The Correct Dosage Of CBD For Pets

In the case your pet overdoses on CBD products, the most that can happen is a bit of drowsiness and stomach issues. Thus, if you don’t want your pooch to sit silently on the side, make sure to give the correct dosage.

The perfect dosage of CBD for pets depends on how well the pets react to the minimum dose of CBD. You should then make changes according to that. Another factor which contributes to the effectiveness of the perfect dosage is the severity of the disease. The more the severe the disease, the stronger the dose must be. It’s that simple.

It is advisable to get in touch with your vet and ask them as many questions as you can about CBD for pets. In all, the best method of administering CBD is whichever your pet finds comfort with.