A Pause On Weed: A Guide Into Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

To benefit from full marijuana legalization, you should take breaks from cannabis now and again. Regular usage of cannabis leads to less effective highs. If you have been smoking for a while now, you will notice that the feeling you experience is much less satisfying than it used to be. This phenomenon is because your body has adjusted to this habit and now functions accordingly. If this is true for you, it is time for your two to three-week-long break. The following article covers a few of the points to keep in mind to successfully maintain your clean break.

Make a schedule 

If you decide to begin your break, make sure you allow the necessary time required for your receptors to recover. Without a fixed schedule, you are likely to fall off the bandwagon too early and nullify any of the positive effects your break may have brought about. Make sure to tell your friends about what you are planning to do. Their support and help can go a long way in keeping you on the right track.

Dealing with cravings healthily.

There are several ways you can cut down on your cannabis intake without having to experience the intense cravings that come with it. You could reduce the quantity of weed you get from your cannabis dispensary. An alternative to weed is Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is one of the compounds present in cannabis and is responsible for creating the relaxing sensations you feel with cannabis without the high. If you shift to CBD during your break, you give your body enough time to recover from the psychoactive component (THC) in cannabis without having to completely cut off the drug. Studies have considered the possibility of using CBD to help addicts recover from cannabis use as well. 


Exercising while on your break offers multiple benefits. Not only does it help distract you from your cravings, but also helps shift the THC content in your fat cells. The faster you get rid of the THC content in your body, the more likely you are to experience a high again. Pick up regular exercise as a habit for more effective results after your break. 

Alternatives to smoking up cannabis.

If you do not want to take a cannabis break, you can consider vaping. Vaping allows more THC to reach the bloodstream and can improve your experience. However, this is a temporary measure, and you will soon need to take a mandatory break. Another alternative is Solomatic, a strain of cannabis without barely any THC content. This strain can help you combat the cravings for the experience of smoking and smell while on your break. You can buy the necessary products on my website.

Stay motivated

Finally, taking a break is by no means an easy task. Remember to stay motivated, and keep yourself going through determination and focus. The willpower you require here will help you in all walks of life. The first fortnight after you quit will be the hardest. Get rid of all your cannabis products so it makes it harder for you to cheat. The return to your original highs can act as a convincing motivation during your break. Good luck!