A+ Collective: Oakland’s New Black-Owned Event & Cannabis Delivery Service

A few weeks ago I attended A+ Collective’s launch party, replete with tasty confections, medicated Jamaica tea and what seemed to be an endless supply of dabs courtesy of Jetty Extracts.

What really thrilled me about this particular launch is that the creative minds behind A+ Collective, Daniel Gardner and Aanya Gamble Hill, are recent graduates of the much-lauded Hood Incubator, a program that aims to educate and elevate Oaklands residents of color into cannabis professionals.

KushCA recently had a chance to catch up with A+ Collectives Daniel Garder and Aanya Hill to learn more about their companies vision and what the future of cannabis for people of color may entail:

How did A+ Collective get its start?

Aanya Gamble Hill: Attending the Hood Incubator’s pre-seed accelerator program planted the seed of reality for A+ Collective delivery. The more I learned, the more I believed in the possibility of starting my own business and educating and helping other seniors alleviate pain and inflammation with cannabis.
Daniel was one of the first people I connected within the Hood Incubator. We formed a great connection and combined our ideas of delivery and event service.

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What is your ultimate vision or goal for A+ Collective?

We want our events to provide a space where intergenerational POC can reconnect and heal through cannabis. We envision hosting POC voter registration drives and political action education events concerning POC.

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What does it mean to have black-owned cannabis collectives (to you?)

I see A+ Collective as a viable way to advance and improve economic stability in our community. Too long have people of color been criminalized for pretty much everything, but in this case, cannabis use and sales. Now that times and attitudes about cannabis have changed it’s important that people of color are positively impacted and included in those changes. We cannot sit idly by while others reap the benefits and people of color are left behind again. We believe strongly in keeping our black and brown dollars within our communities.

While we are not the first (black-owned cannabis delivery service) we are probably the only Intergenerational Black-owned and operated Delivery and Event Service in Oakland.

How can other POC find the footing to enter the cannabis industry?

Reach out to your community, make connections, ask questions. Educate yourself. Check out the Hood Incubator!

Tell us a bit more about your business. Delivery hours, prices?

A+ Collective is an Oakland based Intergenerational Black-owned and operated delivery & Event Service. Like our culture, we are elder focused, and pride ourselves on our discreet consumption methods.

Hours 12-8
Tu- Sat. Delivery
(510) 585-4656
Variety of new and exciting products

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