8 Reasons Why Using Cannabis Is Beneficial To Pets

Many of us in the Bay Area treat our pets as an important part of our family. So whenever they’re sick or something’s wrong with them, we try our best to look for solutions to ease their pain.

Traditional medicine used to be the only go-to solution for our pets but nowadays, more pet owners are looking for more natural alternatives such as cannabis to give to their furbabies. You have probably heard about it and have perhaps considered trying cannabis products on your pets. But is it safe?

Hemp-based products are the safest to administer to your pets. It is rich in Cannabidiol which is the component of cannabis that brings relief. It also has little THC component which causes the elation effect.

Still not convinced? Read these 8 reasons why using cannabis can be beneficial to pets.

Eases Inflammation

Does your pet suffer from Arthritis, hip dysplasia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or some other condition caused by chronic inflammation? You can try using Cannabis as it contains natural anti-inflammatories to help reduce its symptoms.

Cannabis has the ability to minimize inflammation by interacting with the CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System. CBD is mainly the component that makes this possible as it affects the receptors which are found inside an animals immune cells.

Pain Relief

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also provide relief when it comes to pains that are nerve-related. There are several studies that show that the endocannabinoid system is deeply involved in managing pain.

According to a study, CBD can help manage pain by temporarily stopping the absorption of the chemical Anandamide. This chemical helps reduce the pain signals in the brain. An increase in this chemical, in turn, can lessen the pain sensations that your pet might feel.

What’s great in using cannabis, mainly the CBD products, is that it doesn’t have the risk or side effects that your pet might get from over the counter pain medications. You also won’t have to worry because it can reduce pain without having any psychoactive effects.

Seizures and Epilepsy

One of the most known reasons why more people are using cannabis products for themselves and also for their pets is because of its ability to help control seizures.

CBD is a natural anticonvulsant that can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures, tremors, and spasms that are associated with epilepsy. Overall, it’s a natural remedy for psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.

Stimulates Appetite

If your pet ever has problems such as nausea and vomiting, there are chances that you’ve given them antiemetic medications. These medications usually include acepromazine, chlorpromazine, aminopentamide, and others.

They can be great in treating nausea and vomiting but they can also have a lot of side effects. One of these is your pet’s loss of appetite.

If cannabis can stimulate one person’s appetite, it can have the same effect on our pets too! CBD is a great antiemetic, minus the side effect of losing appetite. It functions by stimulating the CB1 cannabinoid receptor, specifically the 5-HT1A receptors in the brain.

Anxiety and Stress

Our pets can also get anxiety attacks and be stressed because of different reasons. It can be because of loud noises such as thunderstorms or fireworks or when they are separated from their owners. They can also be stressed when traveling just like some of us.

Chewing stuff, urinating and defecating and restlessness can be symptoms that your pet is stressed or currently experiencing anxiety. Cannabis oils can provide relief in these situations by targeting a serotonin receptor known as 5-HT1A.

The CBD component in cannabis increases serotonin levels in the brain and therefore reduces stress. Not only it can soothe your pet’s anxiety, but it can also help correct your pet’s behavior issues.

It Can Be Used As An Antibiotic And Can Also Boost The Immune System

Pet owners use CBD oil as a healthy alternative to antibiotics especially now that some pets can be affected by antibiotic resistance. Furthermore, CBD is not only good for treating illnesses; it can also be used as a supplement.

The body’s endocannabinoid system is a big factor in maintaining the homeostasis, or the overall balance inside the body. This means that stimulating the system with CBD can promote the equilibrium inside our pets’ bodies.

As mentioned earlier, cannabis can also be used as a regular supplement to improve the overall health of our pets by supporting the immune system.

Cancer Treatment

We all know that as of now, chemotherapy is the most common treatment for cancer. However, some people opt to use cannabis as an alternative treatment. More specifically, they use CBD oils to treat cancer for both humans and animals.

CBD has an anti-tumor effect that prevents the cancer cells from spreading to other areas of the body by eliminating and preventing these harmful cells’ growth.

Treatment For Skin Problems

Our pets are no stranger to skin problems since they have a habit of just scratching and licking whenever something bothers them. Cannabis can be beneficial in treating these skin problems since most cannabis products for pets are oils and topical solutions.

Common treatments for skin allergies are corticosteroids. But just like any other medications, it can produce some side effects too. CBD products can be used as a natural relief for itchy, dry, and flaky skin if ever you want to skip using corticosteroids.

Given all of these benefits, you might just jump on using cannabis for your pets. However, you must first research well or ask for your vet’s opinion before administering any cannabis product. Most importantly, do not use human-grade marijuana since it can be toxic for your furbabies.

Signs of marijuana toxicity in pets can range from, lethargy, coma, low heart rate, low blood pressure, dilated pupils, excessive salivation, diarrhea, and hyperactivity.