7 ways Medical Cannabis Is Helping Insomnia Patients Sleep

Insomnia is a widespread sleep disorder. It comes as a result of many different factors, including stress, tragic or traumatic events, and depression, among others. People who have insomnia require constant use of medications to help them sleep. A prescription medication does not always do the job. Marijuana, on the other hand, is a product that can induce sleep for an individual within a short period with no significant side effects. Here are seven ways in which cannabis sativa is assisting insomnia patients. 

1. Reaction time 

Singing a song, playing a mantra or having a specific procedure to aid insomnia patients to go to sleep takes a lot of time. In some cases, patients have to be sedated for them to fall asleep. However, if they vape or smoke marijuana from a reputable source, the required timestamp for them to fall asleep in less than 30 minutes. Falling asleep in this case is a voluntary action that requires no sedation. Besides, they sleep until they have had enough.  However, to achieve the effect, use marijuana sparingly as high doses can result in the opposite effects making patients hyperactive. 

2. Pain control and relief 

Patients suffering from pain often find it difficult to sleep due to the pain flashes that come and go. Besides, inflammation continues throughout the night or day, making it impossible for someone to have an ounce of sleep. Therefore, marijuana comes in as an anti-inflammation agent and at the same time, provides relief for the pain. Finally, it translates to a good night sleep for the patients promoting fast health recovery. 

3. Sedation 

Marijuana has the right compound for sedative qualities. People have attested to the fact that marijuana induces relaxation. A relaxed person becomes drowsy within a short period. It is a result of the THC contained in some medical marijuana strains. The cannabinoid affects a specific part of the brain responsible for inducing sleep in an individual.

4. Dream control

Patients suffering from depression suffer acute insomnia as well. It is because they often have vivid dreams and lurid imaginations of what they wish to forget or get out of their systems. The challenge comes in ensuring that the thoughts are in control in a way that promotes better sleep levels for the patient. Marijuana is essential for use, especially to control REM i.e., rapid eye movement phase of the sleep cycle. It reduces the dreams that happen and alleviates an individual mood making the dreams as happy and content as possible. Patients have a better night sleep.

5. Hormone production 

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Insomnia affects vital areas in the body responsible for hormone production. Growth and other hormones are dependent on individuals’ rest. Serotonin is an essential hormone when it comes to individual mood levels. Sleep deprived individuals face rampant mood changes and are sometimes temperamental. Sometimes they lose their muscle strength, and body tissues are heavily damaged when suffering from insomnia. Marijuana induces the production of serotonin and other hormones in the brain. Serotonin then goes to work, alleviating an individual’s mood levels. Besides, it prevents the escalation of other conditions that come as a result of insomnia, such as anxiety and depression. 

6. Memory retention 

People take supplements to help them grow their muscles, lose weight, induce sleep and improve memory retention. Marijuana does this task with the introduction of THC and other essential cannabinoids into the body. It activates brain activities, retains and improves its health status by repairing any damage caused by sleep deprivation. Apart from memory retention, it is also said to improve your focus level, thinking capacity and enhances your creativity levels.

7. Boosts your immune system 

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Insomnia prevents the body from producing essential cells (cytokines) that protect the body. It leads to increased insulin levels in the body interrupting blood sugar balance, which results in diabetes. The body as a whole is unable to prevent bacteria, viruses or fungi from affecting it. Therefore, you end up with different medical condition such as the flu. Marijuana provides support to your immune system. It has essential nutrients and terpenes that can induce sleep while providing the body with whatever it needs. 


Insomnia has many negative impacts on the body. Finding a sustainable means of controlling the disease is what many patients are looking for by using marijuana. However, if there is a cure for it, no one would mind. Therefore, if using marijuana helps you have a good night sleep, then go right ahead. The only thing to look out for is to ensure you get the right type of weed, correct quantity/dosage, from the right bank and from the certified marijuana doctors, online shop or retailer. Get rid of sleep deprivation by using cannabis.