7 Ways Cannabis Can Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is a medical disorder, which has caught millions of people under its grasp. While it is still considered an excuse for many, the ones who suffer from anxiety-related disorders know how hard it can get. Well, fret not, for using cannabis can help you cope up with the symptoms of anxiety. Amid the research going on around the effects of medicinal marijuana, it is coming up as an effective solution. If you are suffering from it, here are a few ways for treating anxiety with cannabis.

CBD Oil Affects Your Brain

CBD oil or cannabidiol oil comes from the cannabis plant, and it contains chemicals like CBD or THC. While THC is responsible for giving you that feeling of high, CBD can help interact with your brain. The endocannabinoid system present inside the human body produces cannabinoids, quite similar to the cannabinoids present in marijuana. CBD interacts with the hormones, cells, and other body functions and regulates emotions like pain, as given by research done at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Helps Control the Symptoms of Anxiety

The University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, conducted a study which proclaimed that the use of cannabis could reduce the symptoms of anxiety. The regions of the brain associated with anxiety showed significant changes after the intake of cannabis. So, if you are facing signs of social anxiety disorder, try using cannabis to curb them.

Improves Overall Mood

Cannabis has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. It helps to control the functions of the brain and your emotions. Taking measured doses of CBD oil can keep you in an overall happy mood, kicking anxiety out of your life. You can get good quality cannabis delivered right at your doorstep, from online stores.   

Works on all Types of Anxiety

We tend to categorize anxiety as excessive stress, whereas it can be a lot of things. It includes a broad spectrum of different forms of anxiety-like panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and even obsessive-compulsive disorder. Cannabis strains like Indica can bring down the effects of many forms of anxiety.

Takes away fear and stress:Anxiety can originate from a variety of causes, stress, and fear being predominant among them. Cannabis users report having a more relaxed state of mind, which can also significantly help the patients of anxiety. People suffering from another form of anxiety, PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder also find it beneficial to use cannabis. A clinical study by Lucas Elms, Scott Shannon, Shannon Hughes, and Nicole Lewis indicated that cannabis could decrease the severity of PTSD symptoms.

Helps Control Nightmares

Cannabis or CBD alters the sleeping schedules and cycles. It reduces the time spent at stages before the deep sleep stage. When a person is in a deep sleep, the chances of having nightmares, or any dreams decrease. According to a study by Shannon S, Hughes S, and Lewis N that patients of PTSD received lesses nightmares with cannabis. So if the monsters in your dreams keep you up at night or get you anxious, you can put them to rest with cannabis.

Provides Sound Sleep

University of Colorado, Denver conducted clinical research which said cannabis could impact your sleep. By reducing the amount of time spent in the early stages, it helps to prolong the deep sleep stage. Here you get the rest that your body needs, and rejuvenates you to face the next day. With a sound sleep of 8 hours, you will be fitter both physically and mentally.

Anxiety is like a vacuum that sucks everything right out of you and your life. If you wish to fight back the symptoms of anxiety, cannabis can help you do it. Consult your doctor today, and get good quality cannabis for yourself.