7 Facebook Groups for Cannabis Lovers

Although Facebook and stoners have a long and sordid history together, the social media giant, for the most part, has tended to shy away from outright banning cannabis related groups and pages on its platform. And while this certainly does nothing to appease the folks who’s weed-related pages have gotten shut down, it should be noted that FB still remains one of the best platforms for meeting other like-minded stoners, potheads and cheeba hounds around the globe.

I’ve gone ahead and created a list of what I feel are some of the best groups on Facebook to meet other pot smokers, share sensi stories, vape videos, anecdotes or even find your next plug. I’ll focus on a few regional Bay Area groups first as well hell, the Bay is what we’re repping. And before I’m ripped to shreds in the comments section please keep in mind that NO– this list is not exhaustive. That’s what you are here for, my red-eyed reader, so send me what groups you think are the best for weed smokers and I’ll be sure to include them:

East Bay Cannabis Social

Our resident East Bay artist and longtime friend Smokie Arce is a problem solver. She sees a problem and she, well, she fixes it. I guess that’s what problem solvers do. The problem this time? Not enough dope ass spaces to host cannabis socials during Oaklands famed First Friday’s. The solution? Get other like-minded individuals together to create a community with cannabis. Click here to join and check out why Oakland puts San Francisco weekends to shame.

SF Cannabis Community

I check this group often as I currently live and work in San Francisco. While membership is modest, the community is tightknit. You can find anything from job postings, grow tips, cannabis events happening in and around the city as well as a plethora of like-minded and talented individuals who want to see the legitimacy and acceptance of cannabis as much as you do. Click here to join.

East Bay Canna Community

Perhaps one of the most diehard collectives on this list, you better have some sort of kindred connection to the East Bay or you won’t be welcome. In other words, no Napa Valley posers allowed.

The East Bay Cannabis Community comments section is where I often find myself noshing on popcorn as I read about everything from systemic racism in the Bay Area cannabis community to BBQ Becky to cis-male privilege on fleek. If you’ve got a conservative mind or just a weak stomach perhaps bypass this group and join a tamer one instead.


A Facebook group run by yours truly, Weedstagram is a virtual collective which I have seen firsthand foster the kind of kindred connections you typically only get by engaging with someone physically. Featuring members from every stretch of the globe, check out Weedstgagram if you want to nerd out on pot pics, weed videos or funny stoner memes. They’ve got those, in spades.


Something you may have been hearing about recently is how Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are purging cannabis and marijuana-related accounts on their platforms. And while they can honestly do nothing to stop the tide of these groups, it does go to show the challenges many in this industry face, especially if they are looking to bring exposure to their own “cannabis brand”. CannaMoms&Dads is one of those groups that fell victim to Facebooks random relinquishing of pot groups, so they did what many in similar situations do and came back better than ever. As the name implies, this group is for all pot smoking parents, regardless of parenting style.

I Smoke Weed

This group is all about shameless self-promotion. Post videos of you smoking on your favorite hookah or a pic of your dankest nug. I guarantee within hours you will have made twenty new friends, five of whom will immediately try and sell you weed. I love this group because it reminds me of just how messy and hilarious stoners can be.

420 Munchies

The ultimate Facebook stoner food group, I suggest you don’t troll this page while high and hungry, as it can be extremely triggering. Featuring everything from weed-infused skittles to caramel-covered bacon strips– see, I already have you thinking about food, don’t I?

Petey Wheatstraw

Hi, my name is Petey Wheatstraw. I'm an avid marijuana smoker, writer, devoted father and non-profit minion-- not necessarily in that order. A Chicago native I've lived in the Bay Area since 1996. Click Here for Free Cannabis