The 7 Best California Based On-Demand Weed Delivery Apps

California has always been at the wheel of this nation’s tech drive, consistently leading the industry with powerhouses such as Google and  Facebook at the helm, as well as fostering the most creative and innovative startups in the country.Therefore it’s no surprise we are creating waves within the evolving weed delivery niche, making it increasingly easier for you, the cannabis consumer to get connected to what you love most–without all the hassle and awkwardness face to face interactions can sometimes bring. Get your phone ready as KushCA presents 7 of the best on-demand weed delivery apps the Golden State has to offer:



This Los Angeles-based weed start-up connects potential customers to premium pot through weed delivery services as well as doctors via web application.

“We created Grassp to provide a safer, more convenient path between Patients in need and the highest quality Medical Cannabis products available” the company’s website touts.


I’ve written about Eaze with some regularity and have ordered from them before as well. That being said, mixed feelings remain. While they are super convenient and discreet, it is quite obvious their founder Keith McCarty, a seasoned tech executive who helped build Yammer (acquired by Microsoft), knows very little about the product he has taken to selling. Thankfully, he’s got folks such as Snoop Dogg investing in his vision for him.

The San Francisco-based Eaze states they will deliver your cannabis goods to your door in under 10 minutes.  Anyone who has lived in the late 80’s and early 90’s knows how Domino’s pizza employed a similar marketing campaign with disastrous results.  To be quite honest, your delivery will take anywhere between 15 to 30 mins depending on your locale, which is still pretty damn good for a weed delivery service. Click this link for $20 off your first order!


I’m actually surprised no one thought of this earlier. NestDrop initially started as an alcohol delivery service but morphed into something that would take care of both vices (weed and alcohol, not alcohol and sex with strangers). However, the folks at NestDrop faced legal issues last year for violating a law that restricts pot shops in Los Angeles from taking their product to customers, effectively preventing them from delivering weed to you anytime soon.


I recently signed up with Nugg and I must say their menu is somewhat impressive. At the time of this writing, they’ve just launched their smartphone based app, as initially, they were only web-based.  Nugg already has a rabid LA-based following, and with new pot shops being added every day they may soon give businesses such as Eaze a run for their money. Click the link above for $20 off your first order! 

Flow Kana


Flow Kana is another San Francisco-based weed delivery service I’ve not only written about but whom I’ve also tried. Priding itself as a “farm to bowl” operation, Flow Kana strives to bring organic, straight from the farm weed to your doorstep. At Flow Kana, the farmers are the ones who act as the legal dispensary, while Flow Kana handles all the sales. If you’re curious about giving them a try use promo code DSQ829 for $20 off your first order!


Meadow may have entered the game too late, as there are already tons of “uber for weed” apps out there. However, the San Francisco-based company does have one thing going for it that its competition doesn’t (well, except for EazeMD). Meadow will also send a doctor to your house using its sister site, CannabisMD. Click the link above for $10 off your first order. 

Green Rush

One of my favorite on-demand apps out there, GreenRush not only has a wide selection of dispensaries to choose from, they’ve also developed somewhat of a “cannacommunity” through their blog and newsletters, as well as insider events that look to get folks employed in this rapidly emerging industry. GreenRush also has got one of the better deals out there for first-time patients–$20 off your first FOUR orders. I’m still getting discounts, as I’ve only used them a couple of times and intend on using them a lot more!


Petey Wheatstraw

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