6 Marijuana Subscription Boxes For Your Inner Hipster

I mentioned in an earlier article how you can have cannabis accessories (and sometimes cannabis itself) delivered to your front door (or place of worship) like clockwork. Commonly referred to as “subscription boxes”, these pot cornucopia’s come replete with everything from glass pipes to munchies to sweet, sweet cheeba–all for a modest monthly price (hence the subscription aspect of it).

You often have the option of having your subscription box tailored made, for example, a box strictly tailored for the dabber in your life– or just receive a monthly box of random surprises–it’s your choice. Additionally, all these companies ship discretely via UPS so you won’t have to worry about your overbearing spouse or nosey kids discovering your gifts:

Green Bake Box – One Month $30

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Green Bake Box is one of those monthly subscription boxes that deliver a random assortment of cannabis goodies to you, so every time they arrive should feel like a marijuana-laced Christmas. They ship every month between the 16th and 18th with the very noble intention of having your box arrive no later than the 20th. Currently Green Bake Box ships to the U.S. for free and charges $15 to ship to Canada– $20 for the U.K. and Europe (but you Canucks should be able to get pretty good weed deals out there, shouldn’t you?) with a monthly subscription you can sign up for 1 to 6 months. However, if you’re really a high roller you should just go for the 6-month subscription which runs for $155. Then you’ll be delivered a smokers starters kit and don’t even have to roll out of bed.

Weedbox –Varies

According to their website, Weedbox is “a lifestyle brand for the woke and culturally aware cannabis smoker”. What seems to set them apart from your boxes with their typical array of glass bowls and parchment papers is Weedboxes unique options. You can add anything from a vape pen to a Kendrick Lamar CD to a CBD balm to your box, all with the possibility of cannabis being added to the menu in the very near future. 

Lifted Ladies One Month $14- $21

Okay, this one is for the ladies. Awww yeah.

Lifted Ladies is like other entries on this list except for one special thing. You guessed it, it comes with its own Snapchat filter!  I kid, I kid. Seriously, the brains behind LL will send you a box chocked full of cannabis goodies for about 5 bucks a month (if you’re a US resident) and $14 if you’re Canadian (that’s what you all get for your damned universal health care).  From jewelry to stash bags, bath bombs, and coloring books, everything is hand selected by ladies just like you. You are a lady, aren’t you??

Puffer BoxOne Month $25-$35

Photo Credit – PufferBox

There aren’t many subscription boxes that deliver actual marijuana to your house, as most exist in somewhat of a legal gray area. This means all the subscription boxes on this list (includingPufferBox) don’t send weed to your house, just everything you might need to smoke weed or satiate your varied thirsts after you’re done smoking it. For $23-$25 a month PufferBox will deliver such items as grinders, mini bongs, rolling papers and an assortment of munchies to keep you going well after you’ve run out of weed. A bonus is unlike some other subscription boxes which ship only to states such as California, Washington, and Oregon, PufferBox delivers anywhere in the United States. One downside (which I’m sure is true for many of the boxes which ship random shit to your door) is that you’ll probably be receiving the same products after awhile because there’s only so much paraphernalia you can cover.

Stashbox One Month $29.95

From the look of its website Stashbox appears to have a fairly good selection of pipes, vaporizers, lighters, rolling papers and other general pot accoutrements, so much so that your average stoner should open the box every month with a mixture of glee and amazement, if they’re not already feeling that way because of the, you know, weed. Subscriptions range from 1-6 months with the promise that they’ll attempt to fill your box with as much product as possible. The company also selects random subscribers each month for prizes if they share their stashbox photos to social media using the hashtag #GetStashBox.

Cannabox One Month $19.88

Cannabox is a legitimate veteran of the subscription box wars, essentially being one of the first companies to take the idea to the battlefield about 2 years ago. Wait… there’s no war between these companies? Just friendly competition? Well regardless Cannabox is a fucking original gangster and they’ve got the assortment of products to prove it. Not only that Cannabox was one of the first to introduce the idea of “themes” into their monthly boxes, meaning each one you receive will have a different motif.

Cannaboxes are offered in 1-6 month subscriptions and every month 5-10 random subscribers are selected to receive a Goldbox. Yes, you too can be like Charlie in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Cannabox also selects a random monthly subscriber from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to win a 3-month subscription for their best Cannabox photo, #Cannabox.

Dollar High Club –  One Month $1-$30

Out of all the subscription boxes I’ve listed, I have to admit I put my faith most behind Dollar High Club or DHC for short. And it’s fairly simple why: a) they offer awesome products at very reasonable prices b) you can get a damn bubbler mailed to your house. A really, really nice bubbler. And the next month maybe a mini dab-rig. If weed came with it I would never buy from another source again.

Prices for monthly subscriptions run from $1 to $12 to$30, with a competitive selection of papers, grinders, wicks and other pot products included in all packages. It seems DHS is poised to be the popular new kid on the block, and with gifts like these, it’s easy to see why.

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