6 Apps For Aspiring Stoners

Apps for stoners are thrilling, enigmatic or downright time-consuming. That’s right, stoners are feeble-minded humans just like you. Luckily for us, some tech-savvy students out there have created applications that actually help the stoner in your life out, or at the very least give them something productive to do. KushCA lists 6 such apps below:

Weed Scale 4.20


This app’s developers are not shy about the purpose of their app: they say you should use it to make sure you’re not getting cheated by your supplier. This just doesn’t mean just your dealer, as you can easily get ripped off from major weed distributors as well. This scale is targeted for those who are weekend smokers, as it “works best for 1-5 gram range.”


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In Colorado, Oregon, Rhode Island (with a medical license), and soon California (without a medical license) you can legally grow your own bud. Now with the help of GrowBuddy, you don’t actually have to be a horticulturist to know what you’re doing. GrowBuddy’s phone app is a companion app to a more powerful desktop and tablet software. Gone are the days of guessing it; this app takes care of all the heavy lifting for you, essentially guiding you through the growing process from seed to stalk.

My Canary



Just in case you’ve got an upcoming driving test or exam for medical school, this app called My Canary helps you check how your reaction, memory, perception changes when you’re high af. It’s the perfect tool to help you determine which of your weed strains is creating those insane munchies or making you nod out in the middle of your department meeting.


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I can’t begin to stress how easy it is to get medical cannabis through EazeMD, which provides virtual medical marijuana consultations with real doctors. You contact them through either your laptop or cell phone, acknowledge some sort of ailment via a face to face e-meeting (let’s be honest here, your ailment can be real or fictional) and pay the standard fee of $30. Right now the service is only located in California, but this is sure to change as the tide of legalization begins to soak the country.


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Leafly is a website that specializes in bringing extensive details about marijuana strains, so naturally, this app serves the same function. And while you may not think you need details about the weed you’re smoking, the fact is knowledge is power. Therefore if you were looking for different pairings of strains that were helpful to certain medical conditions, Leafly would be your go-to app.


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If getting off on pictures of gorgeous, dank nugs is your thing, then PotSnob is perhaps the app you need most on this list. Truly the stuff of stoner bourgeoisie, this app displays pictures of the most delectable dank in an easy to use grid.  Tap on any of the beautiful pictures and you’ll get a full-on data dump all about that particular strain, complete with the typical THC percentage and a food-pairing guide. For example who knew Banana Diesel pairs well with Cinnabuns?

Two other apps, Marijuana and the Marijuana Handbook, are similar to PotSnob in that they provide a comprehensive list of pot pics and factoids–albeit for a price. For those on a budget, check out Marijuana’s “Lite” version.

Petey Wheatstraw

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