5 of the Rarest Marijuana Strains in the World

Over the years many potent cannabis strains have come into existence only to disappear from the public view due to overconsumption or simple poor breeding.  Strains such as Acapulco Gold and Panama Red, while readily available in the 1960s have all but vanished from the stoner lexicon. Below KushCA lists 5 of the rarest marijuana strains that could easily fall into the category of myth or legend, as to smoke any would truly be the stuff of fairytales:

Lebanese Kush

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A strain that was most popular among nomadic hippies traveling to the Middle East in the 1970s, Lebanese Kush is now extremely rare to come by. A company by the name of The Real Seed Company is attempting to preserve Lebanese Kush by raising it in captivity and teaching it sign language. However, it is unlikely you will see it sold in your local dispensary at any point in your lifetime.

Angola Roja


This may come as a bit of a surprise to folks but Africa actually produces some of the most potent cannabis on the planet. Incidentally, they are also some of the largest consumers of cannabis in the world. Legend has it that Bob Marley smoked some Daga during his concert in Zimbabwe and exclaimed it was some of the best ganja he ever smoked. Perhaps Mr. Marley was smoking on Angola Roja, one of the rarest representatives of African strains on the continent. Angola Roja, or Liamba as it’s regionally called, was discovered during the Portuguese occupation in 1575. Once Angola was colonized, this particular strain was exported to other countries. There are many hypotheses about why Angola Roja is disappearing but no one can tell for sure.

Oaxacan Highland 

While sounding more like a nickname proud Chicano’s would give their 1976 Impala, this weed hit the pinnacle of its popularity in the 1960s and 70’s due to its spicy, sweet aroma and paralyzing high. Having all but disappeared from U.S markets due to hybridization and the spasmatic levels of violence that grip the region, this strain will likely never return to its position of primo Mexican pot.

Roadkill Skunk 

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I admit I enjoy it when my weed smells like a lactose intolerant skunk or like a wooly mammoth just puked in my face. I like that smell, I really do. This is why Roadkill was (is?) so popular–so much so that some folks are not convinced that it even exists. This strain has an aroma of pungent piss and an earthy spicy taste with a hint of pepper. If you find someone who sells it, horde as much of this rarity as you can. This is some seriously potent, couch-locking pot. Believe me, non-believers will come a’ knocking and trust me–they will want to be convinced.

Colombian Red

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Ask any hippie who retains the majority of their brain cells about Colombian Red and I guarantee you will see their face light up like a Christmas Tree on fire. This strain was one of the most popular strains of the 1970s. Every stoner movie you’ve ever watched from that era featured Colombian Red because Colombian Red was the strain that everyone wanted to smoke. It was even featured on the cover of High Times because the shit was that fire. Unfortunately, it has almost completely disappeared from cultivation all around the world thereby catapulting it into the category of one of the rarest marijuana strains in the world. A group by the name of Cannabiogen Seed Company is trying to revitalize Colombian Red by stabilizing its genetics with electric shock therapy and partial lobotomies, but no progress has yet been made. In other words, if you’re waiting on smoking on the Red–don’t hold your breath.

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