5 Father’s Day Gifts For the Pot Smoking Dad in Your Life

I’m a father and a weed smoker, incidentally. At this point in my daddy career cute, homemade cards and macaroni picture frames are okay, but what I much rather receive would be my own personal dab rig. Apparently Child Protective Services feels this isn’t something I should relay to my four-year-old, so hopefully when he’s older he remembers daddy’s got enough ties and a gooey Thai stick would suit me much, much better.

If you’re the kind of pot-smoking pops who has thoughtful progeny in your life, pass along this list of cannabis-centric Fathers Day Gifts from our friends at Vapor.com. You can thank me later:



Shed those old gender stereotypes. A man should know how to cook dammit. At the very least, he should know how to make his own cannabis-infused recipes. Luckily for you, the Magical Butter Machine helps you on both fronts. This beautiful contraption combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit. It grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps–all at the correct time intervals and temperature–so you achieve the perfect results every time. 


At first glance, Puffingtons Pitch-N-Puff looks like any regular golf tee and ball. However, you’re reading about weed–so nothing you come across this site will be “regular”. This clever tool lets you smoke your greens on the green– if you know what I mean. The Hole In One-Hitter and Bent Grass Ball Stash is ideal for getting a quick hit of your preferred material. The Hole In One Hitter is a golf tee-shaped pipe that is pocket-sized and perfect for on-the-go use.


A heavy-duty dad needs a heavy-duty dab rig. Or do I have that backward? Regardless, this impressive, handcrafted rig is engineered specifically for the water filtration of concentrates. This durable, medical-grade borosilicate glass rig has been handcrafted for powerful, reliable performance, and features a quartz banger that will be sure to fade the most experienced dad.  



The G Pen from Grenco was one of my first vaporizers and I still find it as one of the most effective vapes on the market. Their most recent iteration, the G Pen Pro, ratches up the vape game by utilizing a huge ceramic oven that heats instantly in a sleek, refined, yet perfectly ergonomic form factor. And while the Pro may appear small, it has the kind of battery that allows for maximum pulls without needing to constantly recharge. This gift is perfect for those dads who are constantly running to and from exes and baby mommas, as it allows you to smoke on the go.


If you are the kind of dad who rather clean his bong than his carburetor, chop trees instead of chopping wood or roll a blunt as opposed to rolling carpet– than this gift is for you. Better suited for those with high-end glass that needs to be kept in pristine condition, the Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit provides a range of premium goods and accessories tailored for the counterculture market in one easy to access package.

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