5 Cannabis Growing Mistakes to Watch Out For

With the legalization of medical cannabis in many states, there are actually a lot of people who grow the plant to cater to the people who need it. If you want to ride this new market, you can actually start growing your own cannabis plant and create extracts that you can sell. However, you have to remember that growing cannabis isn’t like growing regular plants. There are a few things that you really have to take note of if you want your cannabis garden to flourish.

In this guide, we’ve listed some of the most common cannabis growing mistakes made when planting cannabis. By knowing these, you can avoid them and ensure that your cannabis plants can grow properly. Let’s check them out below:

Water Only Sparingly

A lot of beginners tend to over-water their plants in hopes that giving more hydration may lead to faster growth. While this may work for other plants, cannabis can’t take too much water because the roots can drown in it. Do some research first on how much water the cannabis variant you want to grow needs and create a watering schedule based on that.

Balance Light and Darkness

The thing about cannabis is that it needs to be exposed to extreme conditions in a balanced way. To do that, you need to provide your cannabis plants with big lights so that they can grow well. However, you can’t just leave the lights on the whole time. The ideal number of hours a cannabis plant should be exposed to big lights is 12 hours. From there, your plant will need another 12 hours of complete darkness.

Some beginners don’t know this rule that they often end up giving their plants too much light. 

Give the Right Amount of Food/Nutrients

Cannabis plants can’t be given too many nutrients, otherwise, they won’t bloom in their optimal form. Depending on the variant you want to grow, you need to feed the plant according to its feeding formula. So do some research on how much nutrient it needs (or you can check the fertilizer label for instructions) and follow that schedule. Just like with water, a lot of beginners tend to either overfeed or underfeed their cannabis plants. 

Plant in a Greenhouse to Control Temperature Conditions

Some beginners don’t know exactly how sensitive cannabis plants are to weather conditions. Unlike other plants, cannabis can’t survive in either extreme heat or extreme cold. Extreme heat may make the plant lose nutrients while extreme cold will kill it. The best thing for you to do is invest in a greenhouse and grow your cannabis there. It also pays to purchase a good weather or temperature control system so that you can maintain a good and consistent temperature while inside the greenhouse. 

Harvest During the Right Time

During the early stages of planting your cannabis plant, you may be tempted to harvest it early once you see it bloom. However, do not do this as cannabis plants are only at their best quality when they reach their optimal growth level. If you pluck the extract too early, the plant may not have produced enough good cannabinoid. This will affect the production of your extracts. With that said, you need to do research on the harvest period of the cannabis variant you’re growing. 


Before you grow cannabis plants, make sure that you’re ready with the equipment and knowledge on how to go about it. Some beginners only look at the end result and not at the process of properly growing their plant. That’s why a lot of them commit most, if not all, of the mistakes that we’ve mentioned above. 

Now that you know about these beginner mistakes, avoid them so that your cannabis plant will be in its best form for harvest. You’ll also be able to provide the best products for your customers