4 Ways Cannabis Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Have you considered trying cannabis to improve your mental health? With the use of cannabis becoming legal in more and more states, a larger number of people are turning to the herb for medicinal purposes. Research has shown that cannabis can improve certain health conditions without the side effects that prescription medications often include. If you’re curious about how cannabis can improve your mental health, this article will discuss four ways in which it’s doing just that.


A common mental disease that has been affecting more and more people is depression. While medication certainly exists to treat depression, it often doesn’t work or it has so many side effects that they become actually worse than the depression itself. Cannabis has been shown to treat depression. This is because it can produce endorphins. These molecules, endorphins, are responsible for making you feel good. They play a direct role in the pleasure response. By using cannabis, those endorphins can flood your mind and make you feel better about yourself and your situation.


Many people who suffer from anxiety turn to medication for help. However, the medication can often make them feel out of control or as though they’re someone entirely different. By visiting a recreational dispensary, you can easily acquire cannabis that also treats anxiety. Again, this is likely because of the release of endorphins. Your fight or flight response is kicked into gear when you’re anxious. Cannabis can make you feel good about the situation and relax you.

Prevents Seizures

One interesting health condition that cannabis has proven to help is seizures. Those who suffer from epilepsy, in particular, have been shown to have a reduced amount of seizures when regularly using cannabis. It is believed this is the case because cannabis promotes electrical activity in the mind. This can cause anti-seizure activity to initiate.

Improves Cognitive Abilities

While people tend to think that using cannabis will make you unintelligent, the opposite is actually true. Because it has anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis can help the brain remain focused and can improve the ability to comprehend and learn. As a result, your brain is strengthened and your cognitive abilities are honed.

Clearly, cannabis can impact your mental health considerably. From treating your mood and anxiety to actually having a medicinal role to treat seizures, cannabis is a powerful medicinal herb that can be used recreationally for improved cognition.