4 Tips To Start A Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry is growing exponentially. A lot of businesses are getting into the cannabis niche with people in a rush to make a name for themselves. Since the market is saturating very fast here are 4 tips to help you start a cannabis business:

Start By Defining Your Business And The Target Market


In 2017, at least 37 million people in the US used cannabis. However, not everyone uses it for the same purpose. Therefore, a single business can’t meet all the needs of a cannabis user. Before getting into this niche, you need to decide what exactly your business will offer and the target audience.

That way, you can count on a stable business with a defined profit-generating option. For instance, are you offering medicinal or recreational products? Will you rely on a high volume at a low-cost approach? Also, are you offering premium products at a higher cost for a lower volume?

You need to do some research to come up with these answers for your business. It’s definitely worth it to dedicate your resources to identify these answers. Note that there are increasing options for cannabis production and consumption. Therefore, it’s quite easy to get lost in all the options.

 Monitor Your Customer Base And Be Prepared For Any Changes


Yes, you are advised to identify your target market before launching your cannabis business. However, you need to do this lightly. Don’t put all the resources in one channel until you get sufficient feedback from the first customers. Also, you need to uncover concrete specifics to know what your customers want and how they view your product or use it.

A good case study is StickerYou. When it first launched, the customer base was initially thought to be kids and creatives. Yes, that was the right information but there was a huge chunk missing. After another overview at the customer base, it was identified that people were using the products for branding and marketing purposes.

The segment actually dwarfed consumer customers in volume by a ratio of 4:1. With this information, the company evolved and modified its marketing strategy to engage with the new customer base and grow significantly in their niche.

Improve Your Customer Experience

Image result for customer support

After identifying your target market, you need to look for the best ways to improve customer experience. You can take advantage of any of the services available online to get customer feedback. If you have a physical brick and mortar store, you can engage your customers in person. If you are an online store then ensure you have a solid cannabis website design.

You can also prep a customer support department to ask questions and make the necessary suggestions to increase customer experience. It’s a good idea to invest in a customer support team for your business. You need to know whether customers are interested in your business because of the product quality or overall convenience.

You also need to know how they found your business. Was it word of mouth or through marketing efforts? With such information, you can maintain an accurate profile of your customers. That way, you will find the right ways to cater to their needs effortlessly.

Experiment, Measure and Repeat


If you want to grow your business, you need to experiment. You need to know whether those experiments work for your business. Depending on the customer feedback, you can play around with different strategies to find the best ways to grow your business.

When implementing the new ideas, you need to set specific goals and measure whether or not these goals have been achieved. You need to do your research and apply the results to the experiments. You can test new products and strategies to measure new ideas and find effective ways to grow your business.

In simple words, you need to define your business and learn your customer base and work tirelessly to boost your customer experience. Don’t forget to test and implement new strategies to build a strong foundation for your cannabis business.