4 Physical Symptoms Cannabinoids Can Treat

Cannabis has been in existence for centuries now although it has started enjoying its popularity just recently. As more states join the bandwagon into legalizing cannabis use, more people are reaping the benefits of the magical herb. In the medical world, cannabis has proven to alleviate some physical symptoms effectively. This piece will focus on revealing four specific symptoms cannabinoids have been found to treat.

Pain Relief


Inflammation may emanate from physical injuries such as sprained ankles, neck and back aches and strained muscles. These physical symptoms manifest themselves in the form of pain, heat, redness, immobility, and swelling. Cannabis contains cannabinoid compounds that may help reduce chronic inflammation by acting positively on the endocannabinoid receptor activity and interacting with neurotransmitters. Some studies show that CBD injections decrease pain response from surgical incisions. Physical pain can be contained with proper cannabis consumption.

Cannabinoids can alleviate a wide array of physical symptoms. Do any of yours fall on this list?

Cancer Related Symptoms


Cancer treatment tags a lot of undesirable side effects that can take a toll on one’s quality of life. These symptoms include chronic pain, nausea, and vomiting. Pain, in particular, has been an issue with most patients complaining about the insignificant reduction in inflammation while taking regular pain relievers. As an alternative pain relief method, cannabis is administered to calm down the severe treatment side effects.



Acne is a widespread skin condition that affects a significant percentage of the population at least once in their lifetime. Acne is believed to be caused by a few factors such as genetics, underlying inflammation, bacteria, and oily secretions from the gland beneath the skin and overproduction of sebum. Cannabis oil helps cure acne because of its ability to reduce sebum excretion, and its anti-inflammatory qualities contained acne irritation.

Arthritis Discomfort


Arthritis is notorious for causing pain and stealing sleep away. Luckily, cannabis works by activating cell receptors and molecules that control everything including mobility and sleep. Pain and lack of sleep from arthritis can be derailing, significantly affecting the well-being of a person. In containing these two prevalent symptoms, a person will manage to go about their normal daily routines such as walking, working, exercising and getting adequate rest.

As a final note, cannabis has proven its potential role in treating many health issues. It is proving to be a better alternative compared to some drugs present in the medical world. You can purchase cannabis legally from recreational cannabis dispensaries and retrieve multiple benefits while alleviating adverse physical symptoms.