4 Health Benefits from Cannabis Use

Cannabis users happen to be one of the most innovative people on earth. It is only fair if some of that creative energy gets redirected back to the source of inspiration: cannabis use. Most recently, people are incorporating ways in which users will retrieve health benefits from the magical herb. Let’s dig into 4 health benefits from cannabis use:

Use of Vaporizers


Vaping cannabis is a healthier alternative to smoking as it heats the compounds to a vapor rather than burning them. By reducing the smoke intake significantly, the body manages to retain the healthy compounds in cannabis without turning your lungs into a smoke chamber. Unlike smoking that leaves users with a distasteful, burnt flavor in the mouth, vaping allows users to choose fruity flavors to make the experience pleasant. Experts say vaping is four times more effective compared to regular blunt use.

Apply Medical Cannabis Topicals


Medical cannabis topicals found in lotion, creams and salves forms are known to relieve pain and inflammation and provide great health benefits. Cannabinoids augur well with natural CB2 receptors found in the body when received in application forms. You are likely to relieve pain and inflammation when the body absorbs nourishment from these marijuana topicals. Many dispensaries near me stock a variety of these medical marijuana topicals for use on small injuries, cuts, sunburns and insect bites.


Cannabis Oil on Plate

Tinctures are alcohol extractions derived from the cannabis plant. They contain all eighty essential cannabinoids that the body demands. Similarly to topicals, tinctures have no traces of THC making it safe for users not to experience psychoactive effects. Its high concentration of compounds makes doses effective and absorption into the bloodstream fast. Patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments retrieve a great deal of pain relief benefit by consuming marijuana through tinctures.



Cannabis users have revolutionized the meaning of “tea time.” Cannabis leaves and stems can be steamed to brew hot and delicious marijuana tea. It only takes half an hour to make the tea by only pouring boiling water over the plant and letting it sit in the pot then adding the tea leaves. Medical marijuana tea contains chronic pain and anxiety that is brought up by conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, and physical injuries.


There you have it, four ways to fulfill your cannabis needs without causing bodily harm. You could try each method and see which one works best for you and your body. Take time to visit a bay area dispensary and find out more information about each type of cannabis and how it benefits your health.