Would-Be San Francisco Pot Dispensary Attacked by Vandals

Usually when a store opens that people have a visceral reaction against it’s a no-brainer. You open a baby seal fur store in an ultra-liberal part of town, expect raised liberal hackles and pushback to occur. You open Billy’s very own finger-licking KKK Chicken in the heart of Inglewood, expect that you’ll probably get some protests outside your door, maybe even a broken window or two. 

Yes, these are all perfectly reasonable places to protest, hell maybe even to vandalize if that’s your forte’. But a pot store being vandalized in a city that’s the bastion of liberal agendas run amok– San Franciso? Surely you jest.

Well that’s exactly what happened to the storefront of the Bay Area Compassion Health Center at 2139 Taraval St. between 31st and 32nd avenues, which owners hope to turn into a marijuana dispensary, according to Hoodline.

The words “No Drugs” and in some instances “Nooo Drugs” was painted on the storefront with an oily black paint which also splashed upon the sidewalk. It’s unclear if someone was protesting the actual introduction of “drugs” into the neighborhood via a medical marijuana dispensary or if someone simply scrawled the words on the window as a cry for help, as they were being attacked by someone named “drugs”:

No drugs graffiti by cc hart
Photo By CC Hart

Resident CC Hart (pictured below), who lives in the apartment building behind the storefront, says that she spent a good part of her morning trying to get the paint off.

“I’m cleaning this up just because I love Taraval Street,” she said to Hoodline. “I care about my neighborhood and I care about what people see here. There’s a Muni stop not 50 feet from here. We don’t want people to come out and see this.”

“The graffiti isn’t even relevant,” she noted, referencing the stalled initiative at opening the dispensary at the Tarval location.

At this point, the owners of Bay Area Compassion Health Center have not been able to get permits to open the dispensary on Taraval due to strong community opposition and zoning legislation. It’s highly unlikely, due to the ratcheting up of opposition, that they’ll be opening their doors anytime soon.

Petey Wheatstraw

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