3 Reasons Why Sex is Better With Weed

Ask any self-proclaimed stoner about the effects of marijuana on sex and you will be bombarded with all kinds of reasons of why sex is simply better after some of that sweet, sweet THC makes it into one’s system.  Here at KushCA, we believe in all manners of weed-related debauchery and shenanigans, so of course, we’re going to give you our take on why sex feels better when you are high.

1. Your Perception of Time Changes

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Gather round, marijuana lovers and aficionados, for I have a story to tell.  I had been spending time with a gorgeous woman whose beauty was only superseded by her insatiable need for ganja.  She did everything under the influence and honestly, looking back on all of my memories of this woman, her lips were perpetually attached to some joint, blunt, or pipe.  Before we hooked up for the first time, she offered me a couple of hits from her freshly rolled blunt and I obliged.  “Trust me,” she purred, “You’ll enjoy this.”  We spent about an hour exploring positions, exchanging orgasms, and smiling from ear to ear.  The time in that bed felt like a lifetime like we had created our own universe.  That slow, steady climb to our peaks lasted forever and didn’t take any time at all simultaneously.   My perception of time seemed different to me during our romp; I felt more present, more responsive to each caress, more invested each time our bodies touched.  It was similar to the way time works in dreams when you’re knee deep in your own subconscious-everything is a bit hazy and inexact.

2. You Have Less Anxiety

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You know those happy, head-in-the-cloud feelings you get when you’ve nibbled on your favorite edible?  Weed floods your system with “feel good” hormones like dopamine, leaving you more relaxed, less irritable and less anxious.  That is why I personally find taking a couple of drags from a joint a sure-fire way to become less anxious. My mind becomes primed by the THC to dial it down a bit in the worry department.  For me less worries equals more and better sex.  I am not obsessing over the day to day minutiae that has the potential to cloud my thoughts.  I am not constantly checking off items on my to-do list.  The only thing getting checked off of my to-do list when I combine weed and sex is the partner I’m with.

3. Free Associations Are Kinky AF

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One thing I thoroughly enjoy during a dance in the sheets is my partner priming me with all of their best play by play of our carnal adventures.  Yeah, I want a lover to whisper half-remembered psalms over my body like an incantation.  Have you ever listened to a high person pontificate on something they are really excited about?  How their mind goes to such strange and interesting places?  That right there is my happy location.  The spot where linguistic free associations and lust intersect is like a big X on my pleasure center.  Weed generally makes individuals less inhibited in their actions as well as their speech.  With all of those inhibitions gone, folks are more inclined to let words slide out of their mouth with much less abandon.