3 Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch with Weed During Quarantine

Even though many of us are locked down, and some us might even be sick; with all of the outstanding shows available for us to stream nowadays every binge-watching session can seem like its own small holiday. I mean let’s face it, some days might feel like a mini-vacation when you have weed during the quarantine.

Listed below are some of the most binge-worthy shows currently available on Netflix to watch with weed during the quarantine. We’ve also gone ahead and named some cannabis-infused concoctions that pair perfectly with each of them.

Derry Girls


Derry Girls is a comedy set in the 1990s in Northern Ireland. It is smart and funny enough to be categorized amongst shows like Community and Modern Family. Americans who don’t often get to see Ireland depicted in film or on TV will probably be quite fascinated to see how the five main characters work through the issues faced by typical teenagers while simultaneously dealing with the deadly conflict happening around them.

While binging Derry Girls, treat yourself to some cannabis-infused Irish soda bread. Savoring this dish is a much better way of having weed during quarantine and tasting authentic Irish food, as opposed to drinking Bud Light with green food coloring in it. Although, eating the dirt from the ground in Ireland would probably be a better way of tasting Ireland than drinking green Bud Light.



What if Olivia Benson, the heroine of Law and Order: SVU, turned out to be the devil? That would be a twist that most of the show’s fans would not see coming. If that is something that you’d like to see happen, you need to start watching Lucifer!

If you’d like to put some of the devil in your mouth while you’re taking him in with your eyes, try some cannabis-infused deviled eggs.

American Horror Story


The different seasons of American Horror Story vary drastically in quality. Fortunately, each season is its own miniseries, so you can start watching any season without needing to know anything that happened on the show before that season began. The series’ best season might be season 3. It features a group of young witches who get trained for a future of witchery while they live together in a boarding school in New Orleans. Although the show takes place in the modern-day, it gives viewers a glimpse of life in 19th century New Orleans.

If you want to maximize your weed during quarantine, make a cannabis-infused version of the classic southern beverage, sweet tea, while binge-watching the third season of the show and enjoy an experience about as superbly southern as line dancing to Born to Boogie by Hank Williams Jr. in a dive bar.

Hopefully, you now have enough information to keep you entertained for a while, especially if you’re locked down. Keep in mind, it’s common for people to end up getting more stoned than they’d like to when consuming edibles/drinkables. So one last thing that you should know is that it might be wise to keep some Undoo softgels on-hand so that neither you nor anyone else who participates in one of your stoned binge-watching sessions will need to figure out how to stop being high.