3 Hemp Products That You Need To Try

Industrial hemp has recently become legal in my state of Tennessee. As a result, the cannabis market is like the Wild West, with our local and out-of-state companies slowing beginning to recognize the potential of bringing their products to this newly emerging market. Fortunately for me, I have been able to help bring these products to Music City. Here are 3 hemp products that I love and that you need to try!


TN Home Grown Tinctures

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Nashville and a few other cities in Tennessee decriminalized marijuana in the fall of last year, with our governor putting a stop to the measure shortly afterward. However,  while the dreams of decriminalizing marijuana in 2017 have shattered, the opportunity to sell hemp is readily becoming more available.

That’s because industrial hemp is legal in the state of Tennessee. State residents can apply for a grower or processor license. Once a farm has that, they can sell the hemp they grow on their land.

Our Tennessee Home Grown Hemp tinctures are simply amazing. The color inside the tincture is a dark green. It’s completely organic and works rapidly after placing a dropper full under your tongue. The flavor is reminiscent of coconut and it goes down smooth without an aftertaste.  Based on my experience and what consumers have told me, the product doesn’t need long to go into effect.


Q Lotion

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Q Lotion is made in California. This pain relieving lotion is great if you want to feel the effects of a topically Hemp cream without the smell of cannabis and while presented in a more lotion-like texture. Q Lotion has a fluffy white consistency and goes on the skin like silk. My impressions are that Q Lotion works almost instantly. I love to use Q Lotion when my muscles are sore and I don’t want my dog to lick it off me.  

If you not comfortable with the word “cannabis” being on the label of a product that’s being sent to your house, then this product is for you, as the term isn’t used as a marketing tactic. This is the first product that I tested where you can feel the cannabis benefits without it being obvious on the label. Being in the south, this makes a significant difference in the decision to get something with cannabis or not.


Cannaeo’s BBQ Sauce with Hemp Oil and Coconut

I love BBQ sauce and the south does BBQ real well. As a result, I have a high grill standard! Naturally, I was curious about what Cali BBQ hemp sauce would taste like. I was pleasantly surprised about the mildly spicy and tropical flavored BBQ sauce.  If you like mango salsa and Ray’s BBQ Sauce, then this is the product for you.

If you’re conscious about what you eat, rest assured that this product is organic and lacks MSG It’s made from a bigger company than TN homegrown, and as a result you can get this product from places where Hemp and/or CBD is legal.