3 Cannabis Packaging Trends for 2019

Every year the use of cannabis becomes legal in more and more places around the world. Medical marijuana, as well as recreational weed, gains more enthusiasts, creates less controversy and gains more publicity. The increased demand is matched with an increased supply. Businesses see opportunities and create cannabis products. Others launch startups, open physical shops as well as online stores.

No matter what kind of business it is or where it operates, this is the conclusion: there are plenty of cannabis products out there and new ones are entering the market every single day. What do all of them need? Packaging of course! There are a few noticeable design trends in cannabis packaging. We’ll describe the three main ones below. 

All Green Everything

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Naturally green is the number one trend when it comes to cannabis packaging. Weed is green. It’s as simple as that. However, there is another reason, perhaps a bit less obvious, for choosing this color. Green appeals to environmentally conscious customers. It represents all things organic, raw and natural. If a shop finds consumers who care a lot about the environment, healthy lifestyle and pure products, they will most probably go for the brand selling products in a green box than, let’s say, in a neon yellow.

Cannabis Leaves

The use of a cannabis leaf on a logo or a packaging of weed products is actually sort of a trend of the past. In 2019, the classic marijuana leaf became a bit of a cliché. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find it on cannabis product labels. It’s still a popular symbol (obviously) but brands and their packaging designers give it a spin. Often the leaf is portrayed with a minimalist angle or only features some outlines. After all, modern graphic design trends show lots of minimalism and flat, modern icons. Cannabis products aren’t excluded. Moreover, the aforementioned minimalism present in icons and on boxes, packages and labels reflects feelings of pureness, relaxation, meditation and cleanliness. Basically, a design style matching both medical and recreational users.

Animals and Pets

Not sure whether you’ve noticed before, but animals and pets are very often present on cannabis packaging! Brands love to choose their spirit animal and later include it on all their branding elements. The animals vary greatly. Once you look closer, you’ll find bears, tigers, frogs, birds, wolves, etc. Since those are illustrations are not photos, the images remind of a cartoon animal style. Consequently, this type of packaging is more for the recreational cannabis market.  


Natalia Raben

Natalia is an admirer of design and the arts. Takes care of marketing at DesignBro. In free time loves to visit museums and teach photography.