16 Social Media Sites For Marijuana Users

I don’t know about you but broaching the subject of marijuana smoking on social media sites can still be somewhat of a tricky ordeal. Not only do people still harbor a lot of misconceptions about the drug itself (yes marijuana is a drug all you potheads with cognitive dissonance out there, just a very useful one) but in some places it still might be illegal, and disclosing that you partake of it could cost you your job, your relationships and in some cases custody of your children.

And yes at one point even I too, with my endless beauty, knowledge, and wisdom found myself attempting to come out of the “cannabis closet” on social media sites after finding disclosing my dank intake was less than rewarding in the physical world. But like most of my encounters in the physical world, I had to be authentically me. Therefore even online full weed disclosure was and still is a must.

But for many a weed smoker, including myself, we tend to forget that the majority of individuals in this country DO NOT smoke that same stuff we happen to get excited over. They aren’t going to be so enthusiastic about spending a night in taking hits from a new glass bong, eating Digiorno’s pizza and frozen Snickers Bars while watching an entire season of Game of Thrones on Netflix.

Thankfully, some dating weary, square-hardened and lonely California-based stoners out there got sick of navigating the OkCupids and Tinders and Plenty Of Fishes out there and decided to create apps and social media sites for people like you and I. Marijuana smokers dammit, so be proud of yourself. I’ve decided to list 16 which have given a buzz:


JointBuds looks like Facebook did in 2008, after the tragic yet necessary demise of MySpace. You can post pictures, videos and links to articles, a’la Tha Book, all within a weed related context. It doesn’t seem as if the site has gained any nationwide traction, however, as most users seem based out of California. More than likely you will have just one friend on your profile, with a couple of lazy pics of flowering buds thrown in for legitimacy.


I joined Weedlife on a whim just to promote this site. It has since developed into a nice community that I enjoy on its own. It has a layout similar to Facebook, with a color scheme that looks like the social media giant with gangrene. The difference between this site and say, JointBuds, is that people on Weedlife are actually trying to create dialogue and post relevant content. Social Media sites don’t just spontaneously appear, folks need to get social with their media in order for the whole thing to work.

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High There!

High There! is an app like Tinder where you swipe left or right depending on your pot preferences. You can put what type of activities you partake in while high and what level of high you normally get (I would be DEFCON 5 high).You are then matched to people with the same interests and presumably, tolerance that live within your vicinity. The apps inventor, Todd Mitchem, created the app after getting rejected on dating sites because he smoked pot. For some reason saying he was the inventor of apps such as High There just didn’t cut it.

Grasscity Community

I am also a member of the Grasscity Community, which has been around considerably longer than the aforementioned sites.  They are similar to Reddit in that you can post relevant news articles and pictures, ask questions of people and comment on what other people have posted. This is a good site for people who are new to the marijuana community and have questions they would like answered in a safe supportive environment.

420 Magazine Forums

Another well-established forum site, 420 Magazine, while not as prolific as High Times, has been in circulation for 24 years. The site says they’ve had more than 2 million posts from some 183,000 members, with a large section of posts dedicated to medical marijuana cultivation, drug testing and more. The forum’s also carry over, albeit in a different format, on the sites mobile app.

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Social High

A site heavy on pot puns Social High functions similar to Facebook in that it allows users to share text, photos or videos, with a “connect” and “message” button on the bottom of each, respectively. Along with  the ability to comment on or share another users post, users can also either “puff,”–the equivalent of a “like” on Facebook, or “pass,” which blocks that item from your “WeedCast.” The app utilizes the comprehensive dispensary mapping site Leafly to find, smoke and rate strains.


Massroots is a sleek, sexy site which takes a little of what other sites on this list are attempting to accomplish and turning it into one comprehensive (although evolving) website.You can post Instagram style pictures, post status updates and follow your “buds.” It could potentially be a big hit with people who love cannabis culture to the point of obsession and want to be surrounded by it all the time.


Wearebaked looks like a fairly new site, and that being said I would compare it more to MySpace then to Facebook. With a purple and green marijuana leaf backdrop it seems geared more towards college aged smokers or 30 something stoners who haven’t evolved since listening to Ween in the late 1990’s. However it has promise, as it boasts a “Weedopedia”, a page striving to be full of answers to all the weed-related questions out there. Additionally there are weed how-to videos, blogs, pictures and articles.



One of my favorite sites on this list, CannaSOS looks and feels, well, responsive. Not only can you post pictures, videos and engage in forum type discussions, you can also shop for cannabis related accessories, get your burning questions answered AND find information on every weed strain imaginable. You can also create your very own “cannabis group” where you can lead the discussion around what type of cannabis content YOU would like to see more of. Ain’t freedom grand?

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Pronounced DOO-BEE, like the, you know, stuff you like smoking, Duby is strictly devoted to cannabis. A lil’ Instagram, a lil’ Facebook, and very Rock-N-Roll, you can create your very own profile, post pictures and connect with other potheads in your city. Duby is all about making the cannabis experience as social and interactive as possible between two individuals who enjoy consuming plant matter on the regular. Their homepage is pretty fresh too, I must admit.


PuffPuffChat considers itself the “Chatroulette of stoners”, the aforementioned being a site where two random people basically chat to each other through video.

When you first hop onto PuffPuffChat you are asked how high you are on a scale of zero (completely sober) to ten (deep space).  From there you can chat about everything from the Trump administration to Charles Baudelaire.

“Nonstoners are very welcome,” the site’s founder, a 22-year-old named Eric, tells Ad Week. “A conversation with a person of a different state of mind can be a very enriching experience, too.”

According to journalist David Holmes, PPC feels like a place for “open-minded thinkers to discover different perspectives”. He reports using the site while sober and finding the experience more than satisfying, even if those higher than he insisted Holmes “shhhmoke weed everyday”.

A social media site that seems to foster empathy as opposed to vitriol and hate? Only stoners could achieve that.

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Toke TV is a free mobile app that allows users to connect with other cannabis consumers via video stream, similar to Facebooks Live or Periscope. What sets Toke TV apart is its sole focus on cannabis. For example, viewers can interact by asking questions about the strain and impact or clicking heart and smoke icons to show support. No getting your account banned here.

Fun side note: The year-old app’s No. 1 user, with more than 2,000 followers, is a woman known as “DabbingGranny.”  And yeah, she’s also Facebook famous.

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Hempdex, unfortunately for many, is geared solely for those working (or aspiring to work) in the cannabis industry. Like LinkedIN it helps users connect with colleagues, clients and future business associates, the only distinction being that everyone works in the medical or recreational marijuana industry in some capacity.  Although free, initial reports are that the site is rather glitchy, with a reported mobile app in development.

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Another site for cannabis industry insiders, this free site lets people post and view job openings plus share links or posts on topics of interest. What may be different from it and say, Hempdex, is the obvious level of professionalism the site offers. Kalogia provides a solid block of resources for cannabis professionals, including podcasts, a forum and an overview of state cannabis laws. For just $9.99 a year you can also purchase their comprehensive mobile app, which gives access to a cannabis industry directory.


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Similar to Meetup, an app that lets you, well, meet up with folks in your area, BudHubz lets “buddies” find marijuana-friendly accommodations, dispensaries, doctors and friends wherever they might be.

Let me rephrase that, wherever they might be–where cannabis is legal.

Seizing the tagline of “the social weedia company,” BudHubz lets users note whether they’re looking to make a friend, travel, date, hookup or just murder someone and use their bones as a stock for their human stew.  And while the website and mobile site seem to function fairly well the app appears to have been blocked on iTunes for the time being.


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Smoke is fairly revolutionary (and perhaps not that accessible to you middle-aged stoners out there) in that it’s based on the profound potential of blockchain technology to transform the way cannabis users interact online. It’s kind of like CannaSOS in that you can actually earn bitcoin when you post relevant and engaging topics and remain a consistent presence on the site. Simply put, on Smoke you get paid to talk about weed.

Have you tried any of these marijuana social media sites? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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