12 Common Benefits of CBD Oil For Humans and Pets

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) is a compound in marijuana that does not alter the mind to create a feeling of ecstasy but rather produces changes that have medical benefits. CBD works by attaching itself to certain receptors in the body and then producing the various positive effects associated with it. Despite having been extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD oils are free from the THC compound that causes a high feeling and is mainly used for therapeutic use. CBD oils that cannot be smoked are consumed in the form of drinks, foods, Candy, tinctures, capsules or pills– thus the term CBD edibles.

The edible form of CBD oil has made it possible for non smokers and pets to reap the incredible benefits of this compound. Besides being discreet and easy to ingest, it also comes with a tropical taste especially when infused with gummies and candy. The CBD oils blend well into various foods for humans and for pets as it can be added to cooked or baked food. It also makes for a fine drink when infused in water. The great qualities of the hemp extracted CBD oils can be beneficial to every member of the family. It can help fill the gaps left by a busy lifestyle or aid those that have compromised eating habits. The effects of the CBD edibles are felt 30 minutes to 2 hours of ingestion, and lasts for long periods as digestion continues to take place.

The benefits of CBD oils for dogs are similar to those of CBD oils made for humans. Though the oils for dogs and other pets may not be in as diverse forms as those of humans, the resulting effects are mainly the same, and so are the benefits achieved. These benefits include:

  1. Achieving Relaxation Without Getting Intoxicated: CBD oils generate a form of euphoria and positive energy that is not mind altering.
  2. Reducing Anxiety: People often get the feeling of anxiety when doing something that requires some extra courage like public speaking. Dogs, too can get anxiety attacks from certain phobias, such as loud noises. CBD oils help to provide calmness in such situations. Most anxiety disorders like stress disorders, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks can be controlled with the use of CBD without the risk of any side effects.
  3. Pain Relief: CBD oils have anti inflammatory properties and provide relief especially with nerve related pains. The intestinal inflammation usually caused by irritable bowel disease which is common in both human and dogs, is greatly reduced with the use of CBD oils. It’s a safe way of reducing pain without the risk of the side effects associated with over the counter pain medication.
  4. Treatment of Seizures and Epilepsy: The commonly used prescription drugs for the treatment and control of seizures and epilepsy, like Phenobarbital, have serious harmful effects on the liver and other vital organs. These drugs are sometimes ineffective which can lead to a feeling of helplessness to a care giver or pet owner. CBD oil has been discovered to have anti seizure properties and can treat various disorders associated with epilepsy including psychiatric diseases and neuro-degeneration.
  5. Reduces Autoimmune Diseases: CBD oils help in reducing the production of inflammatory cytosine and its release, which is known to cause allergies and hypersensitivity.
  6. Fights Cancer: Cannabidiols have an anti tumor effect that stops cancer cells from spreading to other areas of the body. This is achieved by suppressing the cancer cells growth and eliminating the cells entirely in some instances. The low toxicity level of CBD oils can help a lot in the treatment of cancer in both humans and pets.
  7. Reliefs Symptoms of Neuro Degenerative Diseases: CBD oils protect brain cells from damage caused mainly by toxins and free radicals. It can therefore be of great help people suffering from degenerative myelopathy and Alzheimer’s disease. Using CBD oils can help in the early stages of Alzheimer by making it possible for the sufferers to retain the ability to recognize people. The oils are also noticeably effective in treatment and management of spine and nerve problems.
  8. Promotes Cardiovascular Health: By reducing stress and anxiety, CBD oils reduce the damage to the heart caused by the disorders like blood pressure and irregular heart rates. They also protect the heart from damaging blood vessels by dilating the arteries.
  9. Has Antibiotic Properties: CBD has been rated alongside the most potent antibiotic vancomycin in the treatment of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). With the antibiotic overuse being the main contributor to the formation of the fatal resistant bacteria, CBD oil is the healthiest alternative to antibiotics.
  10. Reduces Acne: Though acne may not be too prominent in dogs or may not warrant much attention, in people it’s a real cause for concern. Acne is mainly caused by overworked sebaceous glands within the body. CBD oils lower the sebum production that leads to acne formation and may in future become the main treatment option for acne vulgaris, the commonest form of acne.
  11. Eases Symptoms of Diabetes Type 1: When the immune system attacks the pancreatic cells, an inflammation develops, which causes diabetes. CBD eases the inflammation which reduces the effects of the disease. It is believed, that CBD will eventually form a cure for type 1 diabetes.
  12. Increases Appetite: This may not be what a person intending to lose weight may be looking for. But for those with low appetite, and feelings of nausea, the CBD oils can help rid the feeling.

CBD oil for dogs and for human are not known to create tolerance even after extended periods of use. There have been no reported side effects with the use of the CBD oils as an alternative way of treatment unlike with the regular prescription drugs. Though the cost of genuine CBD oils is prohibitive, looking for cheap forms of the oil should be discouraged to avoid compromising on quality. The real oil is organic and available at most online shops around the world. Besides the CBD edibles, the CBD oils are also available in the form of paste that is massaged into the skin or in the form of a spray that is administered beneath the tongue.